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Written by Finn Ruijter, 20 November 2013

Top representative for every company

Over the past few years, I have visited many diverse companies to see if I can support them with my services. From the self-employed without staff, to companies with hundreds of employees. Core health or densely weakened by the crisis.

For the first few years, I was involved in recruiting support for new, talented staff. I have done this with great pleasure and to mostly satisfaction for various clients in the area. Because I understood my craft well and people saw the added value of this, there was a great willingness to pay for this service.

The right support

For the last year, I have been entering the conversation on behalf of internet agency 2manydots to see if I can help businesses move forward through the right online support. This change of employer seems an obvious choice given my degree in Communication and Multimedia Design and my role as a recruitment consultant.

Value of quality

However, it proves difficult for me in this role to convince people that quality has a certain value in online communication as well. It is very common that the high-quality services of the Internet agency I work for are compared to those of companies with a different standard of quality.

Always hit

Since companies are not persuaded by this, I have recently been looking to get back into staffing. I have developed an expertise for deploying a top quality representative. One that always hits the mark. Every time, the board or the sales manager finds that all too interesting.

I tell them that my representative is good for 4 to 10 times his annual salary. This is evident from the numbers at his previous employers. In addition, he adapts very quickly to a new business environment: he quickly gets to know the organization and the full product range, he is very loyal and with integrity, will never have his own agenda during customer visits or networking events, is very flexible, works weekends or evening hours without grumbling, and if necessary he does both, is always up to date with the latest trends, looks well groomed even on Saturday mornings after a long night’s work, ensures that there is always follow-up on the valuable word of mouth, and that the deal is made or that it is so well prepared that it can only be finalized by the sales manager or management.

The only question then is: what would you be willing to do for this man?

Does this man really exist?

I can see you thinking: if this man really exists, I certainly have what it takes. Indeed, if he really brings in more than he cost, I don’t really care. A one-time fee of 28% to a maximum of 31% of his annual salary was not unlikely for such a top performer in my days as a mediator. On top of that, of course, came his annual salary. But he’s worth it, right!?

Website as top representative

This top representative is, of course, a website. Not just any website, it is a well thought out website. One that is put together by professionals and where the content seamlessly matches the design. The design allows visitors to find their way effortlessly. For sales signals in search engines, this website is the first to come up with the best answer. It is a website that perfectly reflects the quality of the company. Both in design and technology.

This website costs a company on an annual basis 20% to 25% of the annual salary of a junior representative, but delivers the results of a seasoned representative with 20 years of experience. How much will it take for companies to see that this investment pays for itself in the first year?

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