Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Anthony, 18 May 2020

Web design

Web design should serve your goals. So what do you want to achieve with this new website? 2manydots builds a custom WordPress website that maximizes conversion.

Online success redefined

What defines online success? Of course a nice website is nice to have, but in the end, aren’t the results the most important? We at 2manydots work with clients who want measurable and ambitious results. One premise is unwavering in this regard: web design serves the objectives.

Testing and measuring to increase conversion rates

Every client sets different goals. Some want to get quote requests, while others want to generate as many leads as possible with an eye toward a future sale. We believe in inbound marketing where content brings visitors into funnels, ultimately leading to the desired action.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know that a call-to-action should be “above the fold. And so there are more best practices that we implement piece by piece. Still, we want to back up our suspicions with hard data and maximize your results. That’s why we create heatmaps and run A/B tests to see what triggers your audience the most.

Brabant approach, national customers

2manydots is a web design agency in Tilburg. Because we are true WordPress specialists, we attract clients from the wider region. Our warm and friendly approach, which invites intensive cooperation, is appreciated in this regard. As a client, you always know what we need from you and what you will get from us at what time. Add a healthy portion of Brabant sobriety and you have the recipe for a success story.

The nation’s top WordPress web design companies.

For many years, 2manydots has specialized in WordPress. Our team brings together talented web designers, developers and programmers, working together to create websites that score. Our focus on WordPress has propelled us to the top of Dutch WordPress agencies. This specialty ensures that you can expect excellent quality, speed and safety.

Full-service service package

Online success requires more than just a decent website. To get traffic to your site, we have teamed up with the region’s best performance marketers. Our Data Protection Officer keeps malicious parties out of the digital door and ensures legal compliance. And our partnership with a reputable WordPress web host ensures fast load times, contributing to high Google rankings. In summary, our full-service approach provides you with the ingredients for the success you deserve.

Send your website briefing

We at 2manydots love to design beautiful websites. But what we really get a kick out of is seeing the web design produce better results. If you like this attitude, we might just be a good match. If you have a concrete idea ready to go, we’d love to receive it in the form of a website briefing (use our handy website briefing template).

If you’d rather look a little further, check out our download center of free handy checklists and white papers – a goldmine for marketing professionals like you!