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Written by Anthony, 25 September 2013

Web design agencies Tilburg

According to Google, there are about 50 agencies in Tilburg that provide “web design” services. Out of all these companies that cover at least the first six pages of the search engine, how do you choose the Internet agency that’s right for you?

To choose the right Internet agency, it helps to make some choices for yourself first. After that, selecting the best party for you goes a lot easier.

Web design: requirements and wishes

What do you expect from the web design agency? Do you find a standard design in the theme of your business sufficient or would you rather see a website design that seamlessly matches your corporate identity, identity and image? Are you looking for a web design with bells and whistles where the flashiest designs flash through your image or do you prefer a more functional web design that focuses on conversion (achieving online goals)?

This choice helps you separate between the simpler Web site builders and hardcore design studies as well as the more strategy- and results-oriented Web design firms.

Web design: Cost of a website

Depending on the type of website design you choose and the functionality you expect with it, you can ask yourself whether you are looking for a digital business card, or have more expectations, which includes an online plan of attack. Thinking about online strategy is important to do in advance. The difference between a digital business card or an online plan of attack make a significant difference in the cost involved in designing a website.

You have web design and you have web design

Once you have mapped out your requirements for a new Web site, it is important to see who can make those requirements a reality. There are many different types of agencies in the web design industry, also when you google “web design Tilburg” you will come across single-person agencies and complete full service internet agencies with web designers within specialized teams. Thinking carefully about your expectations prior to your search for the Internet agency will also make the choice in web agency easier and avoid comparing apples to oranges.

Remember: the result is most important

What makes 2manydots different from other web design agencies in Tilburg?
We design visual perfection, as long as the goal remains in sight: maximum conversion. We believe in building clear, functional websites where the most important information can be found immediately and appeals to the target audience. Clean and measurably effective!