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Written by Finn Ruijter, 09 September 2021

To switch or not to switch: how satisfied are you with your Internet agency?

Just a little longer and the last quarter of 2021 will begin. With society and the economy changing considerably, your online presence is more important than ever. If you’re working with an Internet agency, that relationship is bound to be tested. If you no longer see a future in that partnership, now is the time to switch.

What can go wrong in a collaboration

Choosing a party to develop and maintain your website is not something you do lightly. This is generally a long-term agreement. Normally, you compare multiple options and ultimately choose the best partner. And even though you don’t assume it, cracks can appear in such cooperation. Perhaps you recognize one or more of the situations below.

No new ideas
If you always have to come up with new ideas yourself or ask if something can be done differently, you’re at the wrong Internet agency. Ideally, you want a proactive partner who anticipates new developments and supports you in your growth.

Yes-men who never object
Following on from the above point are the yeses. They obediently do as you instruct, without ever questioning your ideas or plans. Such an Internet agency is primarily motivated by your money and not by the technical or creative challenge. In fact, it’s a good sign if your web partner occasionally slams on the brakes; that’s a sign that the Internet agency has your best interests at heart.

You want to be able to post content yourself
Not every website is easy to change. If you have to bother the web builder for every banner on the homepage and for every new blog post, you quickly lose the motivation to keep the site up-to-date. If you as a team cannot post content to the site yourself, it is a good idea to switch to a site that runs on a CMS like WordPress.

Poor communication
Communication is essential for fruitful collaboration. When you are not being listened to, things are happening that are not being communicated, or -even worse- blatantly lied to, there is nothing left but to end the cooperation.

Promises not kept
You discuss your needs with an Internet agency, and then the agency delivers a site and performs periodic maintenance on it. In a contract, you lay out the agreements that the agency must abide by.

Changed needs
Of course, it could also be that you (or they) have outgrown the current Internet agency. If your digital ambitions go beyond the technical knowledge or expertise of the web builder, it’s time to find a new partner.

How hard or easy is switching?

If you’re thinking about switching Internet agencies, you’ll first need to find out if it can be done at all. One and all depends on the arrangements you have made with the Internet agency. For example, if the agreement runs until the end of the calendar year, then you know you can’t cancel as early as March. But on the other hand, you will have to take into account a possible notice period; it is generally between one and two months.

The contract is not the only thing to consider when switching. There are also a number of issues of a more technical nature that determine the difficulty of a switch.

What is your site made with?
What platform your site is running on is also an important prerequisite for a seamless transition. Some Internet agencies work with a proprietary, closed-source management system (closed-source CMS). We at 2manydots believe in the power and versatility of the open-source CMS WordPress. Switching is then always possible.

Need a new domain provider?
The domain of your website is, if all goes well, in your own name. If it is registered with the web agency itself, you will have to move it when you terminate the contract. If it is with an external provider, you do not need to move this domain.

Changing hosts?
Your website is on a server, which in turn belongs to a hosting provider. A web builder prefers to work with one hosting company. Chances are the new Internet agency you choose will use a different provider. An agency like 2manydots can handle the migration from one host to another for you, without having to black out your site or costing you time.

E-mail on another host?
Many companies or institutions have their mail server at a different vendor than the website. If this is not the case, then it is a good idea to check the conditions for switching there as well.

In summary, different parts of your website may be hosted by a variety of parties. Perhaps you already have a good idea of this. If not, it would be nice if your future partner could help you map this out.

Switching web builders? Free migration

2manydots specializes in WordPress sites. This popular, open-source CMS now runs 30% of all websites on the Internet. Chances are, then, that your site is already built on WordPress. Technically, that makes a switch a lot easier.

Whatever hosting provider your site is running with, we’ll make a switch to 2manydots as painless as possible. Migrating is free in many cases! We take care of any migration of the domain name, hosting provider and other related issues. We even take over contacting other suppliers (as appropriate).