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Written by Finn Ruijter, 20 February 2019

What should not be missing from your website briefing including example

With a website briefing, you tell an Internet agency what your requirements are regarding a new website. In a previous blog post, we told why a website briefing is so important. In this blog post, we want to take a closer look at the content of a website briefing example. What components really should not be missing from such a project plan?

That creating a website brief takes time a attention is a given. But it is well worth it because it ensures that you are on the same page with the Internet agency. And although there will continue to be differences between one briefing and another, there are things that every client should put in a briefing.

Who is this website briefing sample for?

Not everyone who wants a new Web site will need to write a Web site brief. The proverbial baker on the corner will soon be able to make his requirements clear in a conversation with an Internet agency. He is also likely to give an agency more freedoms than a medium-sized company or a (government) institution. Therefore, the website briefing is mainly used by the latter.

What is in a website briefing document?

As an Internet agency, we love nothing more than building successful websites. And that success starts with a site that the client is completely comfortable with: in terms of design, structure, communication style, use of color, user experience (UX) and so on. The website briefing communicates expectations in that area.

Therefore, it is better to write a project plan that is too complete than a brief that can be interpreted in different ways, or that raises questions. In our opinion, the following items are therefore indispensable in a good website briefing.

Company information

In this introductory piece, you tell about your organization, your product or service and your target audience. That way, you give the Internet agency a chance to get to know you and think with you. You also talk about your mission and vision for the future, making it clear what the task of the new website is.

Principles of the project

Here you tell what general concerns there are, for example loading speed, good search engine findability and easy management. This is also where you can put your web design ideas. If you have already made sketches of the structure or have seen examples that appeal to you, attach them.

Technical requirements

In this section of your Web site briefing, you’ll let you know what hard, technical requirements there are. For example, is it one website or a network of websites? Should accessibility for people with disabilities be considered? And do you want to link the website to your CRM system, for example?


Important for an Internet agency is the schedule you have in mind. If it is not realistic, you run the risk of the Internet agency dropping out in advance. You can share a plan with the milestones and deadlines here, but ideally build in some slack in case you forget a step or run out of one part.


Here you let us know what budget you have reserved for this project. In fact, the project can be divided into three phases: the creation of the website(s), its further development and online marketing.


In order to compare different Internet agencies, it is wise to express your wishes regarding the company presentations. How long can the presentation last, where will it take place and which people will be present?

Download free website briefing template

As specialists in converting websites, we find that a complete briefing can make the difference between online results and rock-solid online success. We therefore recommend that you spend time and attention on your website briefing.

The list in this blog post will get you a long way, but the exact structure with examples and tips can be found in our white paperon website briefings. Here you will also find a clear explanation of the whys and wherefores of all the items that belong in your project plan. Complemented by handy examples that you can quickly adapt to your own situation, this is the website briefing template you’ve been looking for.