Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 02 September 2021

WordPress links: we develop them regularly

All kinds of links can be developed for the CMS WordPress. Here you will find an overview of various links and APIs we have developed in the past. Is the clutch you are looking for not listed? Basically, we can create all WordPress integrations based on XML, JSON or API.

Hireserve. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress Hireserve connection

Hireserve is a powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This shows you exactly which candidates are at which spot in the application process. Thanks to Hireserve API integration with WordPress, the job postings on your recruitment website are always up to date. And through the web form, applications and resumes show up directly in Hireserve.

Hireserve WordPress linking

WordPress Recruitee linkage

Candidate data directly in your Recruitee dashboard? One-button job postings on the site without having to use Recruitee’s limited site editor? It’s possible if you build a custom Recruitee/WordPress integration. Using the Recruitee API, they create the link exactly the way you want it.

Recruitee WordPress linking

Recruitee. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
. WordPress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress Carerix linking

Carerix is HR software from Dutch soil. This platform gives you overview and control over the recruitment process. Linking to your WordPress site will save you even more time. The annoying thing is that Carerix’s WordPress plugin allows only one-way traffic. Using the Carerix API, 2manydots builds a custom integration.

Carerix WordPress connection

WordPress Daywize linkage

With the Dutch recruitment software Daywize, you have all employee and applicant data on your screen. It only lacks a direct link to WordPress – as this package does not offer a plugin. 2manydots integrates Daywize with WordPress allowing for instant 1-to-1 information exchange.

Daywize WordPress linking

Daywize. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Bullhorn 1. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress Bullhorn Connexys Lightning linking

This ATS offers a WordPress plugin, but it is limited in features. To make maximum impression on candidates, custom integration is desirable. That involves programming skills that 2manydots has. With extensive experience in custom links, we make sure Bullhorn and WordPress work together exactly as you envision.

Bullhorn Connexys Lightning WordPress linking

WordPress HROffice linking

A modern work at site offers candidates the opportunity to apply immediately. If your organization uses HROffice’s recruitment software, 2manydots can build an integration with WordPress. To do this, our programmers use HROffice’s Application Programming Interface (API). The link saves you a lot of cut-and-paste when posting jobs.

HROffice WordPress linking

Hroffice. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Teamwork. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress Teamwork linking

Teamwork eases communication between team members, provides a complete overview of work and contact moments, and stores all important data in one central location. 2manydots creates an integration that saves you time (and therefore money), relieves employees and improves data quality.

Teamwork WordPress linking

WordPress Salesforce link

An integration of Salesforce with WordPress brings together the most widely used CRM and the world’s most popular CMS. With this powerful combination, you combine the best of both worlds. Data that visitors enter on your website and documents they attach will then show up directly in Salesforce.

Salesforce WordPress link

Salesforce. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Icasa. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress ICASA linking

The ICASA Suite helps fuel suppliers with logistics, finance and customer management. For example, gas stations are given complete control over the administration surrounding fuel cards. For a powerful combination, we integrate ICASA with your WordPress site. ICASA’s API makes this possible.

ICASA WordPress linking

WordPress HostFact linkage

HostFact makes online billing easier for Internet hosts. This software automates and bills domain names, hosting, VPS and SSL certificates. There is a WordPress plugin, but it offers limited functionality. A custom integration allows you to customize the customer panel and payment module, among other things. Thanks to the HostFact API, we build the link.

Linking HostFact with WordPress.

Hostfact. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Hubspot. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress HubSpot linkage

What can’t you actually do with HubSpot? This powerful marketing automation platform is also a complete CRM. 2manydots creates a link that allows you to do more than HubSpot’s standard WordPress plugins. Such a custom integration of HubSpot Service Hub, Sales, CRM and Marketing with your website will save you an enormous amount of time and therefore money.

HubSpot WordPress linking

WordPress Spotler link

Automate email marketing with Spotler. This tool should not be separate from your website, where potential leads are introduced to your organization. But how do you link Spotler with WordPress?

Spotler WordPress link

Spotler. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Mailchimp. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress Mailchimp link

Mailchimp is email software that allows you to send newsletters and autoresponders. This marketing tool is popular because it has a free version for beginners. With a WordPress integration, you’ll get the most out of Mailchimp.

Mailchimp WordPress linkage

WordPress Campaign Monitor link

Creating beautiful emails, tracking recipient clicks and sending tailored offers: it’s possible with Campaign Monitor. Integrate this package with WordPress for maximum marketing return.

Campaign Monitor WordPress linkage

Campaign. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Sharpspring. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress SharpSpring linkage

A complete marketing package that is user-friendly and Dutch-speaking: that is SharpSpring. To get the most out of your online marketing campaigns, link SharpSpring to WordPress.

SharpSpring WordPress linking

WordPress Active Campaign link

Active Campaign offers a complete package to attract visitors, convert them into customers and provide great support. Link Active Campaign to WordPress with a custom link.

Active Campaign WordPress linking

Activecampaign. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly
Autopilot. Wordpress links: we develop them regularly

WordPress Autopilot linkage

With Autopilot, you collect leads, segment them and surprise them with personalized emails. This Software-as-a-Service (Saas) is highly visual and therefore makes it easy to see where each contact is in the customer journey. By connecting Autopilot to WordPress, you get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Autopilot WordPress linking