Having a professional WordPress website created
What to expect

Our approach from kick-off
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Over the past 17 years, we have perfected our methods. 2manydots is a full-service Internet marketing agency specializing in building WordPress websites. Here you can see the steps we go through when building a website, or website migration of your existing site.

Roadmap to building a new website

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During the kick-off you will meet with the team (by COVID-19 we need to see together what is desirable). Together we establish the final scope of the project through the Plan of Action. Both the design and functional requirements are captured through the MoSCoW method and we discuss them together during this extended session with all stakeholders.

Design demo

During the design demo, we present the overall style direction for the new website. We do this by working out the most important 3-4 pages of the website. Thus, we take you step by step through the intended funnel and explain our design choices based on the intended outcome. After all, a design is not just beautiful; it must also be SEO-proof, functional, and convert well.

Technical demo

During the technical demo, you will be explained about the WordPress Admin (backend). You see for the first time how the website works functionally. You will also be explained how the management system works and where you can easily make your own changes.

After the technical demo, it is important that you quickly start testing and fine-tuning the website yourself. The instruction is then still fresh in the mind. Tip: Do you have a laptop? We invite you to come to our office for a day of flex time. This allows you to focus and if there are any questions you can ask the team directly (of course, we provide a safe workplace here as well).


We are preparing to go live with the new website. Through a tight relocation plan, we ensure that everything is thought of and the migration from the old to the new website goes smoothly and everything works. So we also check the security, privacy and loading speed of the new website.


Party! The new website is live.

Further development

Now it really begins. Through our Resultsmatter® approach and a strip chart, we will measure, research and optimize. Thus, the website is optimized in a continuous process, step by step, and you will see that reflected in the results.

Roadmap to migrate existing website

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Introduction & inventory

If you already have a website that you are satisfied with, one option is to just migrate the website. We provide an introduction and clear action plan so that the going live of the migrated WordPress website can be carried out smoothly. We start with the inventory. To do this, we need access to the WordPress Admin, or the web builder’s credentials.

Quote Approval

After meeting and taking stock, we can paint a concrete picture of the costs for migration and Managed Services.

Perform website migration

Once the quote is approved, we get to work for you. Through the moving plan, we ensure that everything is thought of and the process runs smoothly. Then you check the website in the test environment. Any changes you notify us of.

Implementing quick wins

We check the security, privacy and speed of the website. This is how we make the website completely ready before going live. Together, we make sure the website meets all your needs and requirements. Is there anything that needs to be adjusted? Quick wins we are implementing to make the website even better through the strip chart.

Finalize Livegang & Migration

Yes! The website is live. Welcome to 2manydots. Do you want to continue to optimize the website in the future? Then we will be there for you. Through our Resultsmatter® approach, we can continue to collaborate by measuring, learning and improving.

Prefer to spar first?

Choosing the right partner is important, and that includes feeling good. Therefore, we can always call before you make a choice. Easily schedule an appointment so you can get to know us better and be sure we are a good fit for each other. In an informal conversation, you can determine if it can be the start of a great collaboration!

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