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Here's how to find the best internet agency

How experienced is the web design agency?

Tilburg has many web designers, but which ones have a long track record? Years of experience provide a partner who thinks with you, avoids costly mistakes and completes your project within the deadline. 2manydots has been in business for over 17 years – that means we were pretty much “there” from the very beginning!

Check if the service offering meets your needs

Do you just need a website or does your project call for a full-service approach? 2manydots is among the most professional agencies for medium-sized companies offering multiple disciplines under one roof: strategy, web design, web development and online marketing.

Has this web designer completed similar projects?

You want to make sure the web builder can handle a project of such scope. You can see it by looking at previous clients’ cases. 2manydots has experience with medium and large organizations: companies as well as local and state government agencies.

Does the Internet agency offer a developmental path

There are many Internet agencies that build websites for clients on an assembly line. Their revenue model is based on completely abandoning a project once it is finished. 2manydots works differently: we offer not only maintenance, but optionally also a development path. Because only by testing, measuring and optimizing will you achieve real gains.

Send a website briefing to get acquainted

If you have completed the above steps and the omens are favorable, then it is time to send out a website brief. In it you tell what your requirements are, what budget there is and what deadline(s) you are thinking of.

Web design WordPress agency to hire?

Is 2manydots the web design agency in Tilburg you’re looking for? Meet our team of enthusiastic specialists or browse our wide range of interesting checklists, whitepapers and trend reports in our downloads area.

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