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A business website, also known as a company website, is the most common website found on the Internet. A business website serves as your company's signboard (or online business card). On this type of business website you tell, among other things, who you are, what services you provide and how (potential) customers get in touch with your company. On this page you can read about what absolutely must not be missing from a business website and we give some examples of different business websites that 2manydots has already realized.

The benefits

As mentioned in the introduction, a business Web site is the most common Web site on the Internet. This is not without reason. After all, a business website has many advantages. On a business website, you can really tell your story, about your business. Dig deeper into the history. How did your organization come into being? This is how you create recognition among visitors.

Having a business website created at 2manydots also has many advantages. You can have your website customized. This means that your website is industry-specific, fits seamlessly with your corporate identity and follows the customer journey. As the client, you will be fully involved throughout the project so that you stay in control. Truly customized to your needs.


How do we proceed?

We are an agency with extensive experience in realizing business websites. Over the years we have found a suitable working method that contributes and the achievement of the common goal.

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Introduction and Strategy

Before we start making all kinds of adjustments to your website, we get to know each other thoroughly and determine the strategy. It is nice for both parties to know who we are working with. The strategy is determined according to your goals.

Website design

Every organization has its own corporate identity and we respect it. We make sure that your new website fits seamlessly with your current house style. Do you want to go completely different? No problem, our professional web designer will be happy to make some suggestions for a perfect layout. You are and remain closely involved in this process, after all, it is your own business website.

Engineering and Development

The technology behind a website is complicated, but our professional development team doesn't shy away from it. With our years of experience, we make sure your website works as it should. We create a WordPress-capable website and create a responsive website (suitable for mobile, tablets and other devices). Our team also builds forms, calculation tools and links to administrative systems, such as Zoho and Salesforce.

Content and Copy

Your business website can look professional and slick, but if the content doesn't make sense, the customer still has no reason to buy your product. Think carefully about what you put on your business website. Are you not a language prodigy or do you find it difficult to write well readable texts? 2manydots employs a professional copywriter with a lot of SEO experience. The copywriter writes content about relevant keywords that your target audience is searching for. This way, your website will be filled with relevant content and you will also be easy to find on Google. Ideal right?


The strategy has been followed, the design is in place and fits seamlessly into your corporate identity, the technology is right on all sides and your company website is filled with relevant content. Your complete website is finished! We then proceed to deliver it to the client. You receive the login information for the content management system (CMS) and you can get started. In the unlikely event that something is not quite to your satisfaction? Feel free to let us know, because we are here to take away all your doubts.

Further development

After completion, our services do not stop. We stay in close contact with the client so they can always come to us with questions. We also keep track of exactly what our changes to your corporate website have brought about. Do conversions skyrocket? Then we show it with figures and substantiation. With Resultsmatter, you really get the most out of your website. Read all about our proven Resultsmatter process here.

Our success stories

From SMEs to foundations and government agencies, online success is for everyone. Our team of diverse strategists, designers, developers and marketers ensure a pleasant collaboration. Because we have our entire range of services in-house, we hear back from our clients that this benefits communication. We stand for short lines of communication and honest deadlines. Over the years, 2manydots has made corporate websites a specialty. Already several clients had a corporate website created by 2manydots, including AMBER Alert Europe and Screenlink.

AMBER Alert Europe

AMBER Alert Europe is an important foundation that advocates for missing or abducted children. The foundation was looking for a partner to build a new corporate website, so AMBER Alert Europe came to 2manydots. After the strategy was determined, our designer started working on the corporate identity and a wireframe was created to achieve the ultimate goal together with the foundation. We also built a link through which the alerts are displayed by default on the website. Because ultimately that is what AMBER Alert Europe is for.


Screenlink is an organization that specializes in presentation screens, narrowcasting and video meeting tools. Screenlink was looking for a partner to rebrand its website and subsequently came to 2manydots. This collaboration resulted in a beautiful, new company website, equipped with all the conveniences. We gave a complete rebranding to the website, giving it a new, user-friendly and fresh look. To boost lead acquisition, we placed several call to actions on the company website. Our Zoho link was a nice side benefit. With this link, all leads are automatically transferred to the client's CRM system.

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Corporate websites focused on conversion

Conversions are often the most important revenue model for organizations. We build business websites with a thought. Our focus is largely on these conversions. Actively attracting potential customers to your website and taking them to the conversion goal. So you not only get a user-friendly website with a beautiful design, but it also contributes to the realization of the set conversion goal, such as more customers, new colleagues and additional sales. 2manydots is a specialist in converting websites: we believe that, in a continuous process of measuring and improving, we have the best chance of online success!

Informational website
  • Focus on question and answer
  • Input-based adjustments
  • Content based on search query
  • Use of FAQ
Converting website
  • Focus on conversions
  • Actively seeking improvements
  • Content based on customer journey
  • Use of forms

Maintenance and support with our help desk

After going live, you're not alone. We perform maintenance, do monthly updates and are ready for all your questions and changes. Is there a problem with your website? Send a ticket to our support helpdesk and our team full of technical knowledge will answer your question as soon as possible. Prefer an even faster answer? Then our support website with up to date information offers the solution. Complete clarity and transparency about the monthly costs. Because are you satisfied? Then so are we!

Do you also want to have a business website created?

We help with your own business website. At 2manydots, we are ready to help you create a modern website that perfectly suits your business needs. We make sure your website is found in the digital world. With our expertise, we develop a responsive website that works seamlessly on all mobile devices, ensuring your customers always get the best experience. Do you have a desired domain name in mind? We'll help you with that, too. Our team is here to bring your dream website to life.

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