Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 30 December 2020

Custom WordPress theme

A standard or premium WordPress theme may be of interest to a small business owner, but not to a large company or government agency. 2manydots is there for the latter category. For organizations like yours. We build a custom WordPress theme that meets your strict requirements. Including links to your business software, entirely within the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and with a focus on online success.

Web design that is unique

You can, of course, choose a standard WordPress theme, but such a template does not give you complete freedom to design a page. In doing so, it puts limits on your (and our) creativity. But with a custom WordPress theme developed just for you, your website will fit seamlessly into your organization and have a design like no one else.

Better optimized for search engines

A custom WordPress site contains no unnecessary code. That means the site loads faster and is more to-the-point. And those are two factors that Google factors into your website’s ranking. In other words, a custom WordPress website is better optimized for search engines like Google. A logical result of this is that you will receive more organic traffic.

Super-fast websites for demanding visitors

People expect a page to be on their screen within 3 seconds. We at 2manydots build super fast websites. Thanks to minimal code, optimized images, asynchronous loading scripts and many more tricks, you retain more visitors.

Custom back-end

As WordPress experts, we work with the world’s most popular CMS, which we completely customize to your liking. Not only do we completely customize the front-end (the theme); we also make the back-end (the dashboard) as user-friendly as possible. In the WordPress dashboard, you can determine or modify the structure of pages yourself.