Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 16 February 2017

Get inspiration with a mood board for your website

When creating a new Web site, you don’t go overnight. Because good preparation is half the battle, we recommend that you first create a mood board for your website. The designer can immediately see the atmosphere you want to set.

Customization always fits

Every business is unique. This allows us to deliver completely different websites to different landscapers thirty times. The goals, target audience, corporate identity, way of communicating: they fit your way of working and so does a custom website.

Now you can knock on a web agency’s door, throw the above over the fence and, fingers crossed, get an appropriate design back. What you can do much better on your own is to look for a style that suits you guys. Colors, headlines, images, frames, buttons and text that match the message. Collect them all. Cut them out of magazines or snorkel them online. For example, just taking screenshots.

Going the digital route? The social networking site Pinterest makes putting together a collage a breeze. The website Moodboard is also suitable for this purpose. Collect images that appeal to you and then share the board with the web designer.

Better stolen well…

Get inspiration from other websites. Don’t just look at your competitors, take a look at other sectors or industries. Often the best ideas come from unexpected places. Collect all the examples on the mood board for your website. For optimal clarity, also create a separate collage of examples that you absolutely do not want to see reflected.

For a security company with two audiences, we recently came up with a clever solution to incorporate two entrances into the site. Just like Ziggo uses: private and business.

Prepare well

A website with lots of text has a different layout than a portfolio site full of pictures. Therefore, think carefully about what actions you need to take yourself if you choose a particular design. If you want to blog weekly, you may have to get creative with the images you put in there.

Images must be provided by yourself, and a grainy phone snapshot is not enough. Read our blog post on professional images for your website. We’ll tell you where to find free stock photos, as well as why you might want to hire a photographer in the end.

An appropriate identity

Your identity is the basis of the website. Therefore, consider in advance who the target audience is and translate this into images. Also look at what is already there. In addition to the mood board, give the web designers any documents that contain your corporate identity, such as flyers, images or even stationery. For example, the first version of the design probably appeals to you right away and we move on to building the website faster.

Websites that convert

As specialists in converting websites, we at 2manydots leave nothing to chance. We know that the right atmosphere can mean the difference between a conversion and no conversion. This is why we often ask our clients to create such a mood board. Wondering how we would approach your new project? Send us your website brief.