Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 27 September 2016

How do you make a website manageable?

People have landed on the moon, self-driving cars test drove on Dutch highways and there is talk of a plane that will take you from Schiphol Airport to Australia in four hours. So how is it possible that you are still attached to an ftp server? Make your website more manageable today.


It really doesn’t sound at all easier, but thankfully it is. If you’re writing new, online text, you’ll want to provide it with SEO headings, beautiful frames and clever buttons. Anyway, HTML is something like Chinese for many of us, and even though you’ve mastered some of the code, at the front end of the website it never actually looks the way you intended.

Easier, then, is WYSIWYG: or What You See Is What You Get. You tap away at the backend of your website and easily add components that make a web page attractive. Imagine a Word template where you quickly bold or color selected text.

We can’t imagine it, but there are still countless companies in the Netherlands that can’t add pages to their website themselves and link them to the menu. A professional WordPress website solves this problem.

Flexible pages

Turn each web page into another attractive page, matching your company’s corporate identity. With “Advanced Custom Fields,” you super-easily create a dynamic website where each page matches the content. Depending on the design, you can choose from different components such as:

  • Content
  • Call to action block
  • Customer reference with photo
  • ‘Tip’ block
  • Paragraph on the left with image on the right
  • Paragraph right with image left
  • Contact button

By placing elements side by side, you develop your own frames that give pages a typical magazine appearance.

Title paragraph element. How do you make a website manageable?
Title paragraph site. How do you make a website manageable?

Easily add frames and buttons

Adding frames, buttons, call-to-actions and other clever online solutions becomes easy peasy when you have an easily manageable backend. In addition, and depending on the website design, you still have optional colors, finishing and adding an icon or photo. Naturally, you also adjust the textual content of the element. You do this by clicking on the element and typing. Child can do the laundry.

Inner fullwidth element. How do you make a website manageable?
Inner fullwidth site. How do you make a website manageable?

Quickly change an image

There are marketing managers and content specialists among us who need to put images for the website on the ftp first before they can get started. That really is a system out of the year. Also known as the year we all still worked with Internet Explorer. In a professional WordPress website, you drag and drop images into the media library very easily from the page you are working in. So no awkward detours. Did we mention that you also don’t have to crop or edit the images yourself first? All of this is done super fast by WordPress itself. You therefore do not have to worry about this.

1x fill 2 sites

Finally, like you perhaps, there are conculeurs who have to make all the content changes they do on the mobile site as well. A good Internet agency will make sure that you are spared this trouble by developing a responsive website that is easily visible at any size. So in a backend. By the way, such a professional WordPress agency can also help you with a multi-language website or a multi-site solution. That way you’ll never have duplicate work.

Choose convenience

Would you like to experience the ultimate convenience of a professional WordPress website that is completely customized to your needs? 2manydots creates easy-to-manage websites, but the main goal always remains: maximum conversion. Stop by for an introductory meeting and we will be happy to surprise you with all the possibilities that are applicable. We make your website manageable.

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