Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 04 March 2020

A WordPress multisite: the benefits for construction companies

Large Dutch construction companies are found worldwide. You have several subsidiaries and branches abroad. This requires logical solutions. Even when it comes to connecting with your target audience online. With a WordPress multisite for construction companies, you work on all sites in one backend with their own language and identity.

Saving in workload

A professional and customized WordPress multisite means significantly fewer hours behind the computer screen. To illustrate, you only need to upload images into one media library to provide all sites with the appropriate imagery.

Uniformity in diversity

With a WordPress multisite , you manage multiple websites from one installation. To manage the various sites you easily switch between the various dashboards you manage. That does not mean, by the way, that every subsite looks the same. A completely different design can be realized for each subsidiary. Typography, color and even functionalities are additionally easily customizable.

Don’t waste time with separate websites with their own dashboards that you have to log in separately each time.

Separation where necessary

As the main administrator, it is nice to be able to switch between websites. Yet there are conceivable situations in which separation is not wrong. For example, it is probably unnecessary to give the marketing team from the Netherlands access to the French site. Therefore, in our custom WordPress multisites, you can create different administrator roles.

Wondering what such a WordPress multisite looks like? We built several multisites for clients. For example, read the success story of residential landscape De Leyhoeve here.

The Superadmin is the main administrator of all your websites. For specific situations or individuals, you can assign administrators for each subsite. The content of their role may also be different.

We provide relief

The workload is already high enough. Especially in the construction world where you would rather keep an eye on the construction site than maintain various websites behind a computer screen. We realize professional WordPress multisites for construction companies: for your company and all companies under the same flag. Piece by piece customized and easily manageable. Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you not only meet but exceed management’s goals.