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Written by Finn Ruijter, 22 November 2023

LinkedIn Ads now supports server side tagging (CAPI)

We use LinkedIn to share our milestones, find new work or connect with industry peers. Over the years, LinkedIn has expanded its services and has now become a very useful tool for B2B marketing. LinkedIn Ads can work well, however, server-side conversion measurement failed to materialize. As a result, you may miss conversions. Until now.

The online social networking site with more than 750 million members, has developed a new Conversions API . This LinkedIn Conversions API allows you to forward conversions in real time directly from your tagging servers to LinkedIn’s servers.

The consequence of this? The display of user interactions and associated data are mapped much more accurately, even when tracking through the browser is blocked. So from now on we can implement this form of Server Side Tagging for all our clients. This is how you get really valuable data from your LinkedIn marketing.

The Conversions API is suitable for the following applications:

  • For improving your current conversion tracking. The Conversions API can be used in conjunction with the Insight Tag to effectively measure and optimize both online and offline events within the customer journey.
  • If you’re looking for a secure method to share data with LinkedIn without relying on cookie-based tracking.
Serverside2 2048x1120 1. Linkedin ads now supports server side tagging (capi)
Diagram about operation of server side tagging

What is Server Side Tagging again?

At 2manydots, we are constantly implementing Server Side Tagging with our clients. We see the importance of complete data and hope to achieve the same for our clients. We’ve already devoted several blogs to this topic, but you may not have quite figured out what Server Side Tagging is for.

Website visitors are hugely valuable to businesses, but due to updated AVG regulations, tracking them is often suboptimal. The reason? Web browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome block third-party cookies from external sources. This leads to the loss of important data, which can be detrimental to your marketing campaigns. Server Side Tagging transforms third-party cookies into first-party cookies, preventing data loss. This collected data is then sent via API connections to a remote server.

Free data is becoming increasingly rare. By working with 2manydots, you can be confident that the data you collect is not only accurate, but also that you are not spending unnecessarily on campaigns. We are happy to look with you.