Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 21 January 2020

7 benefits of a WordPress website for hospitality

A custom WordPress website for hospitality has tremendous benefits. For your business: work faster, easier and more focused. And for your visitors: they are better served on mobile, contact you more easily and buy faster due to clear overview and convenient buttons. We list the 7 ultimate benefits of a WordPress website for suppliers in the hospitality industry below.

1. More online visitors

A WordPress website works in your favor for the Google search engine. Let your WordPress professional get the technical SEO right so pages rank better and visitors are more likely to find you. Make sure your website looks attractive and create an active acquisition policy with the right information and convenient buttons for quick contact.

2. Easy to keep up-to-date

A wholesaler that supplies food to restaurants wants to promote different products in the summer than in the fall. With a custom WordPress website, you easily customize all content according to the season. This makes WordPress ideally suited for a flexible industry like hospitality.

3. WordPress boosts your business

Hospitality entrepreneurs also like to sit online. On their cell phones in most cases. You see them regularly on social media and then it’s nice if they see you too. A WordPress professional will be happy to link social media channels to your website. This way you are always visible online.

4. Implementations that take away work.

WordPress is OpenSource and someone has come up with an application for every solution by now. If you want café owners to be able to instantly schedule winter maintenance of their patio as Promat wished, choose a reservation app. Because it syncs with your calendar, you save a lot of actions.

Should a standard application not quite fit your needs, we will create a custom solution that does meet all the requirements. That’s the advantage of working with a WordPress professional.

5. Mobile availability via HTML5

Executives and hospitality operators work unpredictable hours and can be found on the floor more often than behind a computer. At most, they quickly check their phones from time to time. Therefore, it is important for vendors to be highly visible on mobile devices. With our WordPress solutions, you receive a responsive website that meets the needs of the target audience. Read here, for example, the success story of Bonheur Hospitality Group, for which we built a WordPress website.

6. In all languages

If you supply both Dutch and foreign companies, it is wise to launch the website in multiple languages. You will already notice in the field that a Fleming wants to be addressed differently than a Dutchman and everyone prefers to be addressed in their own language. With a WordPress Multisite, we accomplish this while maintaining the convenience of WordPress. In a backend, you update all websites.

7. Linking with MailPlus

Many email marketing systems can be linked to WordPress. 2manydots partners with MailPlus. We are excited about this mail service. The Dutch party has perfect customer service and its systems are fully equipped for the AVG legislation we faced in 2018.

Want to know what we can do for you? Get in touch and we’ll stop by for a good talk. With your needs on the table, we create a custom website that convinces hospitality business owners to become customers. Learn more about our Resultsmatter approach.