Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 20 July 2020

Lead generation for law firms and insurers

Acquisition is a time-consuming job. Networking drinks no longer deliver what they once did, because let’s face it: no one just tells people they are getting divorced or on the verge of bankruptcy. Rather, potential clients anonymously Googled for a solution. Make it easy on yourself and start acquiring new business online already through lead generation. We are happy to help you get started writing appropriate content for law firms and insurers to generate more leads.

Investing makes money

The fact that you have a big office or are a well-known name matters less and less. The client prefers to explore for himself what your added value is. Law firms and insurers who invest money in an appropriate custom WordPress website find that it also returns money. They are laying the groundwork online for a range of new communication opportunities. Therefore, invest in appropriate content for law firms and insurers, and recruit new clients through your website.

For example, read the success story of TeekensKarstens: we built a new, corporate website with different entrances, allowing them to appeal to all different audiences.

Examples of suitable content for law firms and insurers

  • blogs
  • references
  • e-books
  • whitepapers
  • videos
  • infographics
  • social media outlets
  • downloadable brochures
  • an online consultation hour

If you measure the success of activities, you can use the results to further optimize the website. A professional Internet agency will help you do this. If all goes well, so much work will roll out of the custom website that from now on networking get-togethers will be mostly fun instead of necessary.

Make the website findable

Appropriate content and incorporating the right keywords will help you become better found online. About a private matter like divorce, people prefer not to talk to anyone. A good website gives your potential clients the opportunity to read up online and find out if you are the right match. A whole online world is still open for just these kinds of “standard” topics.

Hit a cross online and then head the ball in

Many roads lead to Rome, and appropriate content is one way to raise the profile of your insurance company or law firm. We are happy to explore what we can help you with. In a kick-off meeting, we will discuss your range of services, ask what clients usually need you for and what categories we need to set up the website in. In the end, after the new website went live, the collaboration did not end. Then it just begins: our Resultsmatter approach.

We market your office the right way with unique content, professional design and strategic marketing.

An Internet marketer for lawyers and insurers

Although many companies in this industry communicate the same way, as you saw above, the possibilities are endless. We provide loose elements that allow you to uniquely design the custom website on a page-by-page basis. Thus, each piece of content meets the needs of the visitor.