Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 16 October 2020

Success story of TeekensKarstens

TeekensKarstens is a notary and law firm with multiple offices. They wanted a new, corporate website that would appeal to diverse audiences. We developed a corporate WordPress website for them.


The attorneys and notaries at TK are also close to their clients. This human touch did not radiate from the previous website. Another challenge TK experienced was serving the two audiences. On the one hand, TK wanted to bring in large, national companies as clients. On the other hand, TK wanted to continue to serve local individuals.

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TK had a clear ambition for its Web site: the firm wanted to receive more organic visitors and convert them into leads. Lacking the in-house knowledge to develop a thorough and scalable site, the firm went looking for a specialist. Specifically, TK wanted a partner who understood both the needs and internal politics of the firm.


During our intensive cooperation with TK, we built a website with separate entries for the different target groups. This one caused quite a stir not externally, but also internally. For example, it has become more normal internally at TK to share knowledge proactively, while clients perceive the office as much more open and easily approachable.

The new WordPress website allows TK to assign roles to employees, allowing them to manage their own section of the website. For example, each lawyer and notary has a personal page that lists his or her areas of expertise and sectors. We also interfaced the recruitment software (HROffice) with the Web site, so that job openings are automatically posted on the site and responses come directly into this ATS.

Tk laptopentelefoon. Success story of teekenskarstens

Smooth cooperation

To realize the website, we followed the usual 2manydots approach. This was clear to both TK and 2manydots and led to a smooth live. Overall, we went through three phases: delivery, processing additional requirements, measurement and improvement.


After the website went live, 2manydots set to work on incorporating the additional requirements and began the further development. All sorts of features have been added without compromising the loading speed of the website.

  • 150,000 targeted page views per month.
  • News center with ability to filter by author or expertise.
  • Improved SEO through internal linking of expert reviews, authors and blog posts.
  • Optimization of the payroll claims system.
Tkmock3. Success story of teekenskarstens

The new website brought many positive changes not only externally, but also internally.


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