Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 09 July 2020

The perfect website for law firms distinguishes between corporate and private clients

Law firms and partnerships often have corporate and private clients. And while for you the work for these parties may be little different, they do need to be addressed in their own way. A custom website for law firms can appeal to different groups.

Online begins the road to the front door

With a growing selection of law firms to choose from, both business and private consumers easily make the rounds of various firms. This search begins online. So they are more likely to see your website than the neatly painted front door. Therefore, make a good impression online and inspire confidence. A website that functions technically flawlessly and seamlessly matches your message in terms of design is an instant hit.

Today’s communication no longer requires texts like: we have been in existence for 60 years and the coffee is ready. Let it be known, for example, that you do not bill by 8 minutes or what niche you specialize in.

What is your character?

No law firm or partnership is the same, but online they often appear identical. The website design is the same nine times out of ten, and texts are also regularly plucked unchanged from standard websites such as Too bad, because this copycat behavior does not do your identity justice. The online customer still has no idea why exactly he should turn to you for legal advice and might as well go to the competition.

Some tips

  • Does your office have a personal and committed character and are you always helped by the same lawyer? Then consider personal blogs. ‘The work week of…’ can be a nice column to profile your services without having to name clients.
  • Would you rather position your firm as an authority within a particular niche? Then inquire about developments in this market. Perhaps you can mix the rulings made in court about your niche with an opinion piece. This creates unique content and provides insight into your thinking and practices.
  • If you stand for quality and transparency, provide visual stories with your own photography. Ask clients if they would like to leave a reference story preferably with first and last name and perhaps a profile picture and dare to make choices in articles and blogs you share. Not in every assignment does the knowledge and expertise in the complete field of law come into its own. So don’t pretend to. Sometimes a defined area delivers more patronage.

Where some come to you for bankruptcy, others want help with a divorce. A custom website for law firms perfectly appeals to different audiences. We separate target audiences through different solutions in terms of technology and content. We previously did this for mobility professional ABGL, for Van Dijnsen Installatiewerken en Beveiliging and for Geerts & Partners. Should it be desirable to create two websites for the two target audiences, our multisite solution allows you to maintain only one backend.

After going live measure results

2manydots has extensive technical and web design experience with industries that need to appeal to multiple audiences. In addition, we are also happy to help you in the long run. For example, by starting with lead identification.

  • We measure the results of your website in tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and Hubspot;
  • This is how we identify online visitors;
  • With these analyses, pages can be optimized by target audience;
  • This leads to more relevance to the target audience and makes you appear more trustworthy;
  • Which in turn increases marketing returns and makes sales more successful.

Distinctive websites for law firms

Many a law firm commits online plagiarism. A missed opportunity, because recruitment of new clients begins online. Just as you cannot take on every file one-to-one, law firms differ from one another. So make sure you profile your organization appropriately and make your added value online immediately clear. A well-functioning, new custom website can steer your organization in the right direction. WordPress is the perfect partner when it comes to a law firm website.