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Are you ready for the big move of your website? Is your URL structure being changed, is your website moving to a new domain name or are you going to use a new redesign? Whatever the reason, website migration is perhaps the most important action of all. The loss of your well-earned organic traffic can be disastrous if migration is not carried out, or is carried out infrequently. On this page you will read why you cannot avoid website migration, what you can do yourself for a successful website migration and what exactly the term means.

Move your website to 2manydots in 5 steps

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Introduction & inventory

You have decided to have your website migrated and would like to have it done by professionals. After all, it has to be done right. At 2manydots, we classify a website migration as customization. After all, it has to be done perfectly.

Will you engage with us? Then we will schedule a meeting and establish a clear plan of action. In this way, you will have insight into what actions we will perform and when the go live will take place. Then we start taking stock of your website.

Quote Approval

After we have thoroughly inventoried the website, we outline and discuss concretely what the costs are going to be for a website migration. In some cases, we even do this for free.

Perform migration

Upon agreement to the quote, we immediately move into action and the actual migration can take place. With the help of the moving plan, we leave nothing to chance so that the process runs smoothly. You will be completely unburdened and not notice anything about the migration. You can work through nicely. After the migration, you check in a test environment developed by us that everything has been migrated to your satisfaction. Any comments pass on.

Implementing quick wins

By implementing quick wins, we can be sure that before going live, the website meets all the set requirements, demands and needs. We look at the security, speed and privacy of your website. For a successful migration!

Finalize Livegang & Migration

The time has come! Your migrated website is up and running. We welcome you to 2manydots. A big battle has been struck but it is now important to continue to optimize your website. You can do so by following our proven Resultsmatter® pathway. In this way, we can continue to work together and write a new success story.

Why migrate a website?

When a Web site is updated, URLs change almost automatically with it. On all these URLs is a value that you have built up over the years. This value ensures that your website scores at high organic positions. In turn, this ultimately leads to more traffic on your website, and we all want that in the end. Below are a few more reasons why website migration implementation is an important part for your new website.


While hosting your website, your website is placed on a server making it accessible to all Internet users. 2manydots will be responsible for hosting your website after migration. The advantage of faster hosting is that it is good for your SEO.

New URL structure

Moving your website also brings with it a new URL structure. The condition of a URL is that it must be clear to both the search engines and the reader. Mistakes are frequently made here. Often certain pages do not refer to each other properly, making it unclear to the reader. By establishing a new and accurate URL structure during migration, you strike a big blow in terms of SEO.

Transitioning existing content

Your existing content is worth a lot. It tells the story of your organization. Therefore, you don’t want to lose this existing content. Without proper migration, you do run this risk and that is a shame. During a successful website migration, all content is moved with you to your new website, so nothing is lost.

Better support in case of problems

By having your website managed by 2manydots, you will always have a heads up when problems arise. Through our support system, where professionals are working full-time every day, your problems will be solved quickly. So are you running into something? Send an email or pick up the phone and get in touch with us, and we’ll get to work for you.

Other domain

Every website has its own domain name. Your Web site is indexed on the domain name, which generates organic visitors. It may happen that a website owner, for whatever reason, changes domain names. The content of your website then remains the same, but the domain is given a different name. It can also happen that the website changes from, say, .nl to .com. We also class this as a change of domain name. By successfully migrating the website, it changes its domain name but retains the scores obtained.


Our SEO migration checklist

Website migration is an exciting operation. The consequences for errors in migration can be great. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive roadmap. By following this roadmap, we avoid the first bears on the road and take a step toward a successful website migration.

1. Preparation & 0 measurement

1. Preparation & 0 measurement

At the stage before the SEO migration begins, proper preparation is important for the chances of success. We map the current situation of your website. We call this the 0 measurement (baseline measurement). We collect information about the content, technology and speed of the website. We also provide insight into the important accrued organic positions, destination pages and map the backlinks obtained. All this information is needed to make adjustments at a further stage.

2. Establish migration plan

2. Establish migration plan

Then we draw up a plan of action. Website migration is customized and you don’t go overnight. Wrong settings can have major consequences for the website. In the migration plan, we describe the steps to be taken, for example, take the above point or note accurately what you need to consider during the go live. In addition, we determine the time when the move should take place by mutual agreement. For example, a time when little traffic reaches your website. You do this to minimize the impact of the move. Above all, don’t leave anything to chance. A good plan is half the battle!

3. Perform migration

3. Perform migration

The plan is solid and the migration can begin. We check redirects and perform quick wins.

4. Set up redirects

4. Set up redirects

301 redirect. You may have heard of it before. It sounds more complex than it actually is but that doesn’t make it any less important. When migrating domain, it is important not to lose positions. This requires redirecting any url with traffic to the new domain. Preferably not to the home page but to an equal page.

5. Set up tracking in Google Services

5. Set up tracking in Google Services

You probably use Google Analytics to chart all the information about your website, such as organic traffic. Do not create a new Google Analytics account when migration of your website is planned. Instead, take the old tracking code to the “new” website. This keeps all the data insightful and you don’t have to start from “scratch.

6. Testing and monitoring

6. Testing and monitoring

The migration is complete but to make sure everything is working properly, create a test environment. Put the new website in the test environment and carefully run every point. If there are points that are not yet optimal, work on them before the website goes live. Is everything working properly? Then your website migration has been successful!

Start with Resultsmatter

Expanding further on your SEO strategy?

Do you really want to get the most out of your website? Then build your SEO strategy into a running machine. In addition to maintaining organic positions, we can also advise you on organic growth. Wondering what aspects fit within your SEO strategy? Check out different factors below and click through to the different pages and see how each aspect is highlighted.

Keyword research

During a keyword research study, we examine what your target audience is searching for. Content is written about the relevant keywords that come out of this. In this way, you increase the number of organic visitors and these organic visitors also belong to your target audience. A win-win situation

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes so much more than just writing content about relevant search terms. By technical SEO, we mean website loading speed, avoidance of duplicate content and internal links, among other things. All these factors make your website.

Content optimization

Content writing is a great way to create organic findability. Content optimization, on the other hand, is not just about writing valuable content. Detecting dead links, compressing images, writing microcopy and creating meta titles also falls under this.

Link Building

Link building is an online marketing method that causes your website to gather external and internal links for better organic findability. This page explains how to strategize your link building and what you can get out of it.

Migration is customized

Every migration we perform is customized. The examples named above is based on how most migrations are performed. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with this type of migration. Does your website need a custom migration? No problem. We are flexible and adapt our migration to your needs.

Our online marketing specialists are here for you!

Do a thousand things at once and sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Don’t let this come at the expense of your website. By contacting 2manydots, you engage the extension of your marketing team. Together, we propel your website to great heights on Google’s infamous organic rankings. Do not hesitate and contact us today. You want to become that success story too, don’t you?

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