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Written by Gijs de Rooij, 10 May 2024

What is a multisite?

A WordPress multisite allows you to manage multiple websites from one WordPress account. This is useful for companies with multiple brands or offering many different products. You then have access to a single dashboard where you control everything from updates to user management. That means less hassle and more efficient work. Learn more about a WordPress multisite? Then read on quickly.

Multiple subsites,
within a single WordPress installation.

The power of a WordPress multisite is in the ease with which you can manage multiple subsites. Each subsite functions as an independent website but shares main resources such as plugins and themes with the other sites within the network. This system is perfect for companies looking to expand their brand in different regions or niches, without having to keep reinventing the wheel. It makes management simple, fast and efficient. In addition, making updates to all sites saves time and you reduce the chance of errors.

Wat is een multisite. What is a multisite?

When do you deploy a WordPress multisite?

If you have multiple branches

Does your company have multiple locations? Then a multisite is the perfect solution. Each location can have its own subsite, allowing you to offer locally relevant information and services. It is a smart way to both make local adjustments and maintain an overarching consistency. In addition, managing the sites becomes much easier because you can control everything centrally. Ideal for marketing teams who need to respond quickly to local events or promotions without having to turn the entire system upside down each time.

If you use multiple languages

For organizations operating internationally, a multisite offers the ability to create a separate subsite for each language. This makes it much easier to strategically adapt your content to different languages. A multisite helps manage multilingual content without having to maintain multiple separate WordPress websites. This provides a fine user experience and helps your organization communicate effectively with a global audience while maintaining control over the content you distribute globally.

Benefits of a multisite

Simple management and easy switching

With a WordPress multisite, you have the convenience of one dashboard for all your sites, while different users can access this dashboard. This means less hassle with separate logins and a clear overview of what’s going on at each of your sites. You can easily switch between sites, which is very handy when you make core updates or need adjustments. This makes management not only faster but also much clearer. Like having multiple stores, but with one key for all the doors, super practical!

Reduced maintenance and hosting costs

By running all sites on one platform, you save on hosting costs. You need less technical infrastructure and can more easily implement scalable solutions as you grow. Because you only have to maintain one system, operational costs are lower and maintenance is easier. This makes a multisite particularly attractive to both start-ups and established companies.

Easy reuse themes and plugins

It is very convenient that within a WordPress multisite network you can share themes and plugins across different sites. This means you don’t have to buy separate licenses for each new site. This ensures a uniform look and feel across your entire network. A security plugin or a design theme; as an admin, you can install themes and plugins that all the different subsites can use. This makes setting up new sites faster and more efficient, and allows you to react quickly to changes.

There are also challenges

A multisite solution may sound like the perfect solution, but there are some challenges. Managing a WordPress multisite requires good planning and a solid foundation in WordPress to be effective. Setup errors lead to problems across the network, and security management becomes challenging because a vulnerability in one site can affect the entire network. It is important to keep this in mind and ensure that your technical team is well prepared to meet these challenges. Of course, you can also hire a professional WordPress agency like 2manydots to make sure the process is perfect.

More server power needed

As your WordPress multisite network grows, you will find that you need more server capacity. All subsites share the same resources, which is nice for cost savings, but it also leads to reduced performance if you’re not paying attention. It is therefore important to invest in a powerful server solution, such as a virtual private server (VPS), to ensure that all sites remain fast and responsive.

More chance of duplicated content

One pitfall of managing multiple subsites is the risk of duplicate content, which hurts your SEO. It is important to give each subsite unique, relevant content. Proper use of canonical tags and smart content planning help minimize this risk and improve your SEO.

Difference with domain mapping

Although a standard multisite uses subdomains or subpaths (subdomain mapping), WordPress domain mapping lets you host each of your subsites under a separate domain. This is ideal for companies that want to keep their brands separate with a clear domain identity, but still enjoy the benefits of a centralized network and one central database. It makes your sites more accessible to your target audience and strengthens your branding.

Do you want a WordPress multisite?

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Discuss the possibilities?

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