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As a participant of the Resultsmatter® track, you know how important SEO marketing is for the findability of your website. If you have not yet joined the track and are not aware of the importance of SEO marketing, it is advisable to read this page. SEO marketing is the most organic way to boost the findability of your website.

Online visibility

The first step to higher rankings in Google

Through Google Analytics, you can see exactly what path your website visitors take before they land on your website. Without seeing your statistics, it can be assumed that the majority of your website visitors arrive at your website via Google. After all, Google is the largest search engine in the world and the majority of Internet users land on pages just by putting some keywords in the search bar.

But did you know that 88% of searchers on Google never look beyond the first page? In fact, did you know that 35% of searchers don't even look beyond the first search result? So how are you ever going to get website visitors when your website is low on Google rankings? Let SEO marketing be just that desired, organic tool.

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Always customized

Our SEO services

We put together a trajectory of our services to guarantee results. Because we discovered the importance of SEO early on, we focus our Resultsmatter® process in part on that. Our SEO services are described below. Go through these services and see which ones are right for your business.

A website can contain so much good content, if search engines cannot read it, the website will obviously not be findable and visible in organic search results. With our technical SEO optimizations, we make the website as Google-friendly as possible and remove all barriers for the search engine crawlers. The starting point of every SEO project.

Before you start writing SEO texts, it is important to know which keywords match the relevant search queries of visitors. By doing a keyword research, you will know exactly which keywords and search terms to use to drive visitors to your website.

When Google makes the selection for its Google rankings, written content on websites is very important. Don't be stingy with your content, as certain search terms should appear often enough in your text. Always make sure that the use of search terms does not come across as forced. Also banish elitist language and complex sentences from your texts. A lot to take into account. A copywriter is trained to do this and is happy to help you write this content.

Whereas technical SEO optimization is mainly on the back end of your website, content optimization is more visible to the eye. This includes all the content on your website. Think of written SEO texts, but don't forget videos, infographics, social media buttons and links.

With link building, you obtain links from external websites that point to your website. When many relevant websites link through to your website, you give Google a good reason to put your website high in the rankings. It can be complex to do link building properly, but put in the time or outsource it to professionals. After all, link building is one of the most important pillars within SEO.

You're at the point where your SEO is optimal within your website. You have written a lot of relevant content and are high in Google rankings. An ideal scenario, in other words. Yet you are due for a rebranding and you change your domain name. Out of nowhere, your website is nowhere to be found. This is the cause of not taking into account SEO website migration. So be sharp that when you move your website, you migrate all content.

Always customized

We realize
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We stand squarely behind our Resultsmatter® program. This is not without reason. We have provided several organizations with our trajectory and the results are nothing short of amazing. Take a look at the cases of Omroep Brabant Reclame, Teleperformance and Alcohol Free Beer House. They preceded you in the Resultsmatter® process.

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Virtual real estate

Why is seo important?

You have already received a lot of information about our SEO services but why is SEO Marketing so important? Nowadays, competition on Google is cutthroat. Numerous companies are trying, whether paid or not, to get high in the Google rankings. If you as a business allow yourself to be pushed out by competitors you end up way down in the Google search engine results. The chance of being found organically drops dramatically. We therefore call your online presence your virtual real estate. Once you have captured a top position? Then your presence becomes so solid that you cannot be easily replaced.

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What do our SEO services cost?

Our active support is a Marketing-as-a-Service subscription that you pay per month. There are several route options with a starting price of € 500 per consultation. Our standard packages are listed below. In consultation, customization is possible.

Per month Per year
€ 500 /one-time
Lite Research and consulting
  • UX and UI improvement points
  • Technical scan
  • Technical SEO scan
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Data Collection
€ 2500 /one-time
€ 1000 /month
Basic More online visibility
  • Preliminary research (0 measurement, technical audit & keyword research)
  • Technical SEO optimizations (2 hours)
  • Content creation - 1000 words (+-1 page)
  • Content optimization
  • Link Analysis
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Data collection and tracking (1 hour).
  • Real-time Google Looker studio dashboard
  • Monthly meeting
€ 2500 /one-time
€ 2000 /month
Standard More online visibility and authority
  • Preliminary research (0 measurement, technical audit & keyword research)
  • Technical SEO optimizations (4 hours)
  • Content creation - 2000 words (+-2 pages)
  • Content optimization
  • Link Analysis
  • Link building (3 hours & 150€)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Data collection and tracking (2 hours).
  • Real-time Google Looker studio dashboard
  • Monthly meeting
€ 2500 /one-time
€ 3250 /month
Extensive More online visibility, authority and conversions
  • Preliminary research (0 measurement, technical audit, keyword research & comprehensive competitive analysis)
  • Technical SEO optimizations (4 hours)
  • Content creation - 3000 words (+-3 pages)
  • Content optimization
  • Link Analysis
  • Link building (5 hours & 150€)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Data collection and tracking (2 hours).
  • Real-time Google Looker studio dashboard
  • Two-weekly meeting

The benefits of SEO marketing

SEO marketing has many benefits. Some of the most important benefits are listed here including explanations. Take advantage of them and always be one step ahead of your competition.

Higher ranking in Google

The main benefit of SEO Marketing is getting a higher position in Google's rankings. This makes your website much more findable for searchers on Google. By typing in keywords relevant to your website, your website will come up.

No advertising budget

You don't have to budget for SEO. The power of SEO Marketing is that it is actually organic. This is unlike SEA (search engine advertising). You just have to be willing to invest time in SEO for a higher spot on the Google rankings.

SEO attracts relevant visitors

Because your SEO is linked to relevant keywords, you receive virtually only visitors to your website who are looking for services your company offers. This prevents quick click-away visitors, keeping your bounce rate low.

Positive long-term effect

Search Engine Optimization is not a panacea that kicks in right away. When you start SEO, your website will not be at the top of Google rankings within a day. Nor within a week or month. This takes time. Don't shy away from putting in that time anyway because the fruits you reap will taste sweet.

The Resultsmatter® process helps us tremendously. With 2manydots' online knowledge and our strategic knowledge, the results are sky-high.
Jeremy Kesseler
Senior Marketer,Omroep Brabant

How does search engine optimization work

You now have an idea of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and the benefits of this form of organic marketing. But to tell you exactly how SEO works, we actually need to explain to you how the functional sides work that make for an SEO optimized website. What kind of technology is behind it? Why is content important? What is the difference between local, national and international findability, and so on.


Is het schrijven van landingspagina’s op SEO basis niet genoeg? Nee, eigenlijk niet. Om hoge scores in Google te behalen is het belangrijk om alle technische mankementen weg te werken. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan duplicate content opsporen en weghalen of kijk of de site map volledig up to date is. Maar check ook of er fouten zitten in de structured data of check of de pagina en robot.txt file bevat. Al deze technische gebreken staan jouw website en organische groei in de weg en dienen dus verholpen te worden.


Content is king, so too in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After all, you won't achieve higher rankings in Google without content. Make sure that the content you are going to write fits within your company's industry. After all, you want to welcome relevant visitors within your target audience to your website. Because of the many search terms you have to include in the text, the text can appear somewhat artificial. Try to avoid this. The user experience for the reader is also an important part of your website. Don't sacrifice this by focusing on SEO.


The authority of your website is a measure of how trustworthy your website is according to Google. When you integrate good backlinks on your website through link building, Google starts to see the website as an authority. Applying internal and external links has only advantages for high ranking in Google for your website. Google sees that your website does not contain "shadowy" links but that the links on your website are informative and contribute to a good User Experience. One good turn deserves another and the reward from Google is therefore great.

Some of our tools

Pages for the user and for the search engine

By focusing purely on SEO in the text, you neglect the User Experience. Of course it is important to have a good SEO strategy, but it should not be at the expense of everything else. You can lead visitors to your website through SEO, but then the experience on your website should also be good. Your "new" website visitors will quickly leave when the User Experience is extremely low because of the SEO approach. In that case, all the SEO services done are undone. A shame, in other words.

Local, national or international findability

SEO services can be used in a very diverse way. An important pillar is the demographic findability of your website. In fact, local findability should be deployed differently than international findability. We list the differences of local, national and international findability:

Local findability

Did you know that over 95% of Google searchers search for a business within the region? Local SEO is therefore very important. Depending on the size of the city in which your company is located, you will eliminate many competitors. If you want to be searched on, for example, internet agency Tilburg, you are much easier to find for people looking for an internet agency in Tilburg than internet agencies that want to be found without a city name.

Google also finds local searchability increasingly important. Technology stands for nothing and so Google knows exactly where searchers are located. You only make it even easier for Google by framing your search terms by a city name of your choice. That way, you become the talk of the town.

Nationwide online findability

In addition to local findability, you may prefer national findability as a company. For example, you may be a company that provides products or services throughout the country. Do not limit yourself by putting a city name behind your search terms. The chance that someone from Friesland searches for Internet agency Tilburg is negligible.

Internationally findable

Is your company going or wanting to cross national borders? Then it is advisable to offer your website in several languages. The most common language is of course English, but Spanish and Chinese are also widely spoken worldwide. This is in contrast to Dutch. Local findability can also be applied for international findability. If, for example, your company has an office in Antwerp, you can also insert this locally by mentioning the city name. Even though that city is not in the Netherlands.

We are here for you

We understand that SEO is a big concept which is all encompassing. For companies without knowledge and experience, this can be perceived as impossible work. 2manydots has dealt with this many times and knows exactly what is required of a good SEO Marketing and SEO strategy. Therefore, engage one of our SEO specialists and hit the road towards the highest Google rankings today!

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