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The Dutch platform Recruitee is perfect for organizations that want to streamline their recruitment process. With a good integration with a WordPress website candidate data ends up directly in your Recruitee dashboard. Read all about the Recruitee link for WordPress websites here.

Why integrate Recruitee with WordPress?

Complete and clean: these are the words that best describe Recruitee. With a strong sense of taste, the creators have created a software that helps HR managers find the right candidates. This Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you not only to quickly post vacancies on the major job sites, but also to create your own work at site.

The problem is only that Recruitee's site editor has limited functionality. In addition, the user-friendliness leaves much to be desired. But the most important shortcoming is this: you get no insight into the way candidates interact with your work site. How do they experience your site? Where do they click? What content is less successful? What is the bounce-rate? And so on...

Now this is not a complaint letter to Recruitee; quite the opposite. This platform is very strong when it comes to talent acquisition. And for smaller companies, that site editor is good enough. But for organizations like yours, which are constantly measuring and improving, an integration with WordPress is desirable. You already know this CMS and are used to -or spoiled by- its extensive features and statistics. A link with Recruitee is then a logical solution.

Example of a Recruitee/WordPress connection

As a medium-sized or large organization, you have a constant need for personnel. Recruitee helps you with candidate management, but how do you get those candidates into your system? Of course you can advertise on Monster, GitHub and Indeed, but you'd rather have applicants come through your work at site.

Thanks to a Recruitee integration with WordPress, all your available vacancies, possibly broken down by department, appear immediately on your work at site. If someone chooses to apply, his or her details, including the uploaded CV, appear immediately in your Recruitee database.

In your Google Analytics dashboard you can see where your visitors came from, how many they were and what devices they used. You can see how long people stay on your worksite and what percentage drops out. With other tools, such as Hotjar, you can also see how far people scroll and where their mouse pointer gets stuck. Important information that can help you make your job site even more effective.

Recruitee <> WordPress koppeling

From € 750,-

Do it yourself or outsource?

Of course: you can try to link Recruitee and WordPress yourself. But do you have the time for that? If you don't succeed in one go, or if something gets damaged, you're even further away from home. And let's not forget the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG): if your candidates' personal data is not sent encrypted or stored securely, the fine could spell bankruptcy for you.

It is better to leave this integration to professionals. To a party that has experience with this and guarantees a timely delivery. An agency that you can always turn to with questions. An agency like 2manydots.

wordpress linking possibilities

Why 2manydots?

2manydots is a WordPress specialist with extensive experience in the recruitment industry. We have built many successful websites for companies and organizations. Employer branding is one of our passions, so we like to think along about creative ways to let you win the war for talent.

Our specialists quickly get to the heart of your issue to find the best solution for your situation. The friendly approach, clear communication and resounding results make clients return for additional projects.

We provide a seamless integration of WordPress and Recruitee. We test variations of the design and monitor the statistics with you. We constantly optimize to get the best quality candidates to your Recruitee dashboard.

Download our recruitment checklist

What really determines the success of your organization? Indeed: your employees. You therefore want to keep your current staff satisfied and motivated, while attracting the best talent. That's what employer branding is all about. We have made a handy checklist for this, which shows you to what extent you can outsmart competing employers. 

About Recruitee

Recruitee is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - nowadays also called a Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP). It was founded in 2015 by a Dutchman and quickly amassed a large user base. Compared to other Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, Recruitee is refreshing, fast and user-friendly.

With Recruitee, it is a joy to manage the candidate journey and post jobs. Recruitee is visually very strong and the developers are constantly rolling out new features and links. The platform and its app have won several awards.

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