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Teamwork is a powerful and complete software package. Combine it with WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, to streamline your work even more. Read all about the Teamwork link for WordPress websites here.

Why integrate Teamwork with WordPress?

Organizations that start working with Teamwork once quickly realize that they can't live without this software. It eases communication between team members, provides a complete overview of activities and contact moments, and stores all important data in one central location.

The great thing is that customers can lend a hand in enriching the Teamwork database. The classic way of collecting customer data was by gathering their information over the phone or copying it from completed web forms. But with a direct link between Teamwork and WordPress, that manual work is a thing of the past. Customers, donors, suppliers, participants, guests or job applicants then put their data directly into your Teamwork database.

The advantages are multiple: it saves you time (and therefore money), it relieves your employees so they can concentrate on their main tasks and it improves the quality of the data. But even more important is the fact that it improves your communication with customers.

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WordPress and Teamwork as a tool for efficiency

One of the applications of an integration of WordPress and Teamwork, is in the world of project management. After all, how convenient would it be if such a link immediately put project data into Teamwork, including related documents and deadlines?

A good link allows for two-way traffic. Not only does the website send data to Teamwork; it also retrieves data. Thanks to the Teamwork and WordPress link, you no longer have any work maintaining the website, because updates in Teamwork are immediately on the website.

Do it yourself or outsource?

You can create a link between Teamwork and WordPress in several ways. For example, choose the Teamwork WordPress plugin or take advantage of the Teamwork API. Which of these methods is most suitable for your situation depends on several factors: the data you want to send back and forth, the complexity of the data flow, your budget and the requirements regarding the WordPress site itself.

It goes without saying that this requires the necessary study and technical knowledge. If you have that in house, this is going to take time in any case. Especially when you are setting up such an integration for the first time. To overcome frustrations and save time, it is nice to have an experienced and knowledgeable partner you can rely on. Besides, you also want to avoid a fine for unsafe data transfer.

Consider data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation obliges organizations to send and store customer personal data securely. Under penalty of high fines, the Personal Data Authority monitors this. This makes this an extra point of attention when integrating WordPress and Teamwork.

If you choose to outsource this project, make sure that the internet agency takes into account encrypted connections and secure databases. This way you can be sure that your organization handles data responsibly and legally.

Choose 2manydots

With over 15 years of experience as a WordPress specialist, 2manydots has had the pleasure of building many links with external systems. We also have experience with Teamwork integrations. We would be happy to see what the best way is to link Teamwork and WordPress for you. See our portfolio for examples of similar projects.

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About Teamwork

  1. Teamwork is a series of apps that help run an organization. These apps are available both as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in your desktop browser, and mobile apps for on your smartphone, for example.
  2. Teamwork Projects is here for task management. This app makes it easy for all members of a team to see what they are working on, what the deadlines are and how their work fits into the big picture.
  3. Teamwork Desk is help desk software. You can see which contact moments have taken place with a customer and what was discussed. You can also see which colleague is responsible for what.
  4. Teamwork Chat is for internal communication. With this software you consult with colleagues, share ideas and make decisions without long-winded meetings.
  5. In Teamwork Spaces you create documents and your colleagues can collaborate on them. In one central place, every employee has access to documents that are relevant to him or her.

With Teamwork CRM you store the data of customers and business relations in one central place. It provides insight into where your contacts are in the customer journey and what is needed to continue that journey. Apart from these specialties, Teamwork is strong in producing reports: all kinds of graphs, tables and diagrams show you exactly where you stand and what progress you have made.

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