Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 16 May 2017

3 tips for your new website

You’re all set for a new website. But what kind of design suits you? 2manydots, the specialist in converting websites, would like to give you some tips. In fact, it is wise to think carefully about things like the style, colors, images, your target audience and fonts. This will ensure that your website is the best fit for your services.1cc7959e 4efe 4a3c a6cc 0b5d7974c870. 3 tips for your new website

Tip 1: Set realistic expectations

Set realistic expectations about what kind of website suits you or your business. We are happy to advise you on design. If you want to share information, then a website with more text is appropriate. You make this attractive by creating space with paragraphs and working with blocks. If you want to sell a product, visuals are recommended. But then also think about how you want to get the image. Do you hire a photographer or do you already have quality photos or videos of your own?

Tip 2: Think about style, color and fonts

The style of your site should suit you. We always recommend using the colors of your corporate identity or logo on the page. That’s how you make sure the overall picture is right. Think about your target audience. For example, green goes with healthy and red is very spicy. Unconsciously, the visitor to your page is doing so. As for fonts, you have a sea of choice. Some are more chic, others cool or vintage. Our creative team will be happy to advise you.

Color use subconsciously plays a role in your website visitors

Tip 3: Get inspiration for your new website

You can opt for a full-with website to create space, or rather a boxed website with a frame. This is also a matter of taste. Look at websites of your competitors or large companies. What are the pluses of these websites? Convenient, beautiful, uncluttered, mobile friendly? List the features that fit your target audience and services. This will help you paint a good picture of what your website should look like. With this, we can then work together.

To ponder:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Want to sell something, entertain or inform?
  • What style do you want for your website?
  • What colors suit your business?
  • What font do you want to use?
  • Do you want images on your website, and how to get them
  • With what kind of content will you set up the website?
  • Do you want a full-width or framed website?

The details make the difference

2manydots is a specialist in websites that convert. Because conversion means something different for every organization, we believe in customization. In doing so, we think carefully about such things as the above. Wondering what a collaboration with us looks like? It all starts with sending your brief.