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Written by Finn Ruijter, 02 April 2019

Marketers do too much hope marketing

Hope marketing: hoping the right thing happens, without having a good foundation. The sales funnel is often missing from hope marketing. Multiple channels are deployed without a content marketing plan.

Doubting whether you are doing hope marketing? Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

  1. Is the sales funnel clearly defined?
  2. What is the lead conversion process?
  3. What is your organization’s most profitable online communication channel?
  4. What do you do with visitors after they leave the website?

Tricky questions, aren’t they? For most websites, less than 2% of visitors convert on the first visit. In other words; only 2% of your potential customers actually proceed to purchase.

Recover lost visitors? Use remarketing!

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is an online marketing method by which you retarget visitors to your site with targeted ads. Did you know that for most websites, less than 2% of visitors convert on the first visit? Or in other words; only 2% of your potential customers actually make a purchase on the first visit. With remarketing, you can still get the remaining 98% to convert.

How does it work?

If you want to display ads to people who have visited your website, place a remarketing tag on your website. The remarketing tag is a code snippet that the website uses to add visitors to your remarketing lists. You can then target these lists with the remarketing ads. If the website contains a Google Analytics tag, you can use it and you do not need to add the Googls Ads tag.

Keep in mind that there must be a minimum number of visitors on a remarketing list before the ads are displayed. For the Google Display Network, your website must have had at least 100 visitors in the past 30 days and for the Google Search Network, at least 1,000 visitors.

Remarketing is an advertising method to help you convert potential customers by showing targeted ads.

Can we help you?

A good online marketing strategy that aligns with the sales funnel requires knowledge and expertise. 2manydots has been working with leading companies, organizations and partners for some 15 years to create the very best online experiences. We are a true specialist in converting websites and would love to help you get the online success you deserve.