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Written by Finn Ruijter, 16 December 2020

Success Story of AllSolutions

AllSolutions is an IT company specializing in industry-specific business software. They help project-driven organizations in various industries get their business right by developing and delivering online business software. We developed a corporate WordPress website focused on lead generation, recruitment and support. Read more about the entire project here!


“The challenge arose with AllSolutions’ old website, which had existed since 2012,” says Laura, in charge of marketing for AllSolutions. “This website was not very outdated in terms of its look, but the problem was with performing website modifications and updates.”

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“In the first designs we could already see that our wishes had been listened to carefully: this was cleverly translated into the construction of the website.”

Laura Heesters, marketing associate at AllSolutions


Because AllSolutions shares a lot of knowledge and information online, new content needed to be posted regularly. Because Laura and her colleagues could not always post all the content themselves in the backend, it often took a long time to make changes to the website. In addition, the old website was not suited to grow with the company’s ambitions.

“Working with the backend in WordPress is very nice. I had no experience with WordPress, but even so it’s going well for me.”

Laura Heesters, marketing associate at AllSolutions

As mock1 1. Success story of allsolutions


To ensure that both existing and new customers, and new employees can gather the right information online, a solution was chosen where these 3 parties were decoupled:

  • Corporate, lead-generating website by industry for (potential) customers;
  • Support website with informative articles and help for existing customers;
  • A “working at” website with job openings for new employees.

Because of the short lines we maintain, we always switch quickly. Therefore, we want to continue to optimize the website in cooperation with 2manydots. – Laura Heesters, marketing associate at AllSolutions

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