Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 08 April 2021

Success story of Mutsaerts

Mutsaerts is a specialist in business insurance and retirement. They are a business partner with the expertise and buying power of a large consulting firm, but with the personal touch and flexibility of a smaller firm. We developed a new corporate WordPress website for Mutsaerts. Curious about the complete process? You can read it here!

Future-proof website

Mutsaerts’ website was in need of replacement. The site appeared slow and contained outdated plug-ins. Many of these problems had to be solved internally, creating additional work. For that reason, Mutsaerts wanted to move to a new, secure WordPress website with an eye on the future and a new look.

Mutsaerts overal. Success story of mutsaerts

Corporate website with a personal touch

Both the technical side and the front end of the website needed updating. The combination of a professional company with a personal touch needed to be palpably reflected on the new website. For that reason, a new corporate identity was designed, with photography to match.

The choice of 2manydots for the technical part was quickly made. After several strategic sessions, it became clear that there was a match. With the right strategic advice and a plan for online success, it was decided to go into business together.

Lead generation in the insurance industry

The desire from Mutsaerts was to put the company back on the map online. In doing so, the website had to function as part of the sales process. By getting started with lead generation, it was possible to reduce external recruitment costs in the future. A great challenge in the world of insurance and pensions, where websites are far from being used to their full potential.

“The cooperation with 2manydots was smooth and fast. 2manydots was right on top of things, making the process structured.”

Danni van Beers, marketing & communicatie bij Mutsaerts

Mutsaerts 02. Success story of mutsaerts

From idea to going live

The new corporate identity was implemented in the WordPress web designs. “It was clever how Anthony (designer at 2manydots) very quickly managed to capture the right look for Mutsaerts in his designs. He sensed very well what we were looking for.” The complete project took 5 months. This time also gave Danni and her colleagues time to get used to the website’s new, user-friendly back-end.

Technical gadgets

The new website was developed with customization, optimizing both security, speed and privacy. So we built a future-proof website: a visually strong display in the updated corporate identity, with a user-friendly and secure backend. In the backend, Mutsaerts uses flexible sections (ACF) and author profiles have been added on the news page. Everything is set up so that Mutsaerts employees can get straight to work in a tidy backend.

After going live with the new website, Mutsaerts received positive feedback. Both internally and externally, users are pleased with the personal touch on the website and the beautiful design. It has also become easier to contact. Mutsaerts receives more requests through forms and there are more contact moments. The first improvement in the area of lead generation has been made.

Mutsaerts 10. Success story of mutsaerts

We are happy to tell you more

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