Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 24 June 2020

Why is a strict update policy important?

New features, patches and bug fixes are a daily reality in the tech world. Through so-called updates, these new versions reach the user. Updates are there for a reason; they don’t just add functionality, they contribute to a more stable, faster and safer end product. Updating is necessary, which is why 2manydots maintains a strict update policy.


You read it regularly in the news: companies, educational institutions, the government, everyone seems to be a target for hackers. Many hacks, even the biggest data breaches, can often happen because of overdue maintenance. Why is that? The vast majority of attacks are not targeted specifically at a Web site. They are automated bots, little programs that, like the Google Bot, for example, search the Internet for information.

In the case of WordPress, which some 40% of all websites run on, hackers look for older WordPress installations. When they find such a website that is not up-to-date, a hacker can often break in easily.

Regular software is often built to update itself and thus provide it with the latest software versions. For a custom WordPress website, this is often less straightforward. It is customized and therefore often requires inspection by a programmer before we can implement the update. A strict update policy is then necessary.


Speed or load time matters. Slow smartphones, laptops or websites are just about the number one frustration of users. To go crazy!

A fast website ensures that your visitors have a pleasant experience with your organization. Consequently, many of the updates available, both to WordPress and plugins, are made to increase loading speed. By the way, this is not only pleasing to visitors, but is also seen by search engines like Google, which considers loading speed as one of the factors in determining website rankings.

Laws and regulations

When it comes to the use of websites and technologies, the government can impose requirements on companies and institutions. Indeed, this has happened in recent years: SSL certificates became mandatory, a privacy policy and a cookie notification should no longer be missing, and so on. New WordPress versions and new editions of plugins make things easier and keep you up to date.


For all types of software, prolonged failure to maintain or update significantly increases the chances of a bug or outright crash. The greater the difference between a current version and the latest version, the more error-prone, complicated and expensive troubleshooting after an update becomes.

WordPress: open-source platform

WordPress is an open-source platform. That means anyone is free to download, read, use or rewrite the code. The open-source community with thousands of programmers worldwide is the reason for WordPress’s great success. Yet open-source software also has a drawback. The source codes are public; anyone can view them and look for potential vulnerabilities. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, thousands of WordPress programmers detect errors faster than the handful of programmers working for traditional software companies. On the other hand, millions of websites worldwide are vulnerable as soon as a bug becomes known.

Multiple WordPress updates per year

Once a bug or leak is discovered, it’s a race against time to come up with a fix. Almost weekly, however small, WordPress updates become available. Each update fixes several bugs or security risks. There are also updates where the back-end gets new features and makes life easier for administrators like you.

Plugins also need updates

Not only is the platform being updated. Plugins, which are created and maintained by outside parties, must also grow with WordPress. If they don’t, things may start to jump on websites with those plugins or error messages may appear that visitors also see. Serious developers have a day job maintaining and updating their plugins.

Why 2manydots has a strict update policy

When you have a site developed at 2manydots, you are choosing more than just a beautiful website. You choose a professional partner to help and advise on the opportunities and threats of online. To get good assistance, you sign up for a strict update policy. This means that we always make updates mandatory, even if there is a cost to you.