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The Dutch platform Hireserve is a powerful ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Every user of this recruitment software can see exactly which candidates are in which position in the application process. But how do you integrate Hireserve with, for example, a work at home site that runs on WordPress?

Why integrate Hireserve with WordPress?

Whether you have a separate working at website or simply publish the vacancies on a page of the current site, WordPress is a logical choice. The world's most popular CMS makes it easy for you to update the site; for example, when you want to share a new job opening with the world.

Of course, cutting and pasting is done that way, but wouldn't it be much nicer if that job posting automatically appeared on your WordPress site? A link between WordPress and Hireserve makes this possible. But you do not only profit from this internally; it is also pleasant for applicants if the available vacancies are immediately 'live' on the website.

There is another important reason to integrate with WordPress: it allows you to analyze candidate behavior. Using tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar, you can see what visitors are looking at and what they are clicking on. You use it to calculate the conversion rate; an important benchmark that you can use to optimize the page.

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Example of a Hireserve/WordPress link

At a medium-sized or large organization, vacancies become available all the time. Thanks to an integration of Hireserve and WordPress, these vacancies appear directly on the website, including job descriptions. If the positions are in different departments, they are neatly arranged, possibly with a search function for the candidates. And all that in a design that fits seamlessly with your current website design.

Conversely, the WordPress site sends data to Hireserve. An applicant shows up as a new candidate in your dashboard, including the personal data that was entered. You'll also see the resume and any diplomas listed there immediately.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Of course, you can link Hireserve and WordPress yourself. Maybe you've even tried that already. But you soon discover that, despite Hireserve's good intentions, this link has limitations. You want the perfect design and extensive statistics. If you don't have the time or the knowledge to dive into both Hireserve's API and WordPress's code, you're better off with outside help.

Not least because you also have to deal with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG): it obliges you to treat users' personal data with care. A secure connection and an encrypted database are therefore indispensable.

Why 2manydots?

2manydots is a Dutch WordPress agency that works nationwide for companies and organizations. In recent years we have seen a growing demand for custom API links or plugins. Recruitment professionals often end up with us because of this. We have already successfully delivered several WordPress/Hireserve integrations and are happy to be of service to you as well.

Measuring is knowing. That is why we pay attention to clear statistics. Figures that help you and us to take targeted action and make your job page even more successful. So that you - instead of the competition - are rewarded with the best candidates.

We take it for granted that a site must comply with the AVG regulations. All in all, you get a ready-made link that works immediately. But that's not all: we measure, analyze and optimize constantly.

Employer branding: download free checklist

You don't win the war on talent just with a clever pairing. There is a strategy behind it. Creating such a strategy is called employer branding. We at 2manydots not only have experience with this branch of marketing, but also feel a real passion for it. To help you apply employer branding successfully, we have created a handy checklist. Download it for free!

About Hireserve

Hireserve is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) developed in the Netherlands in 2007. The team in Rotterdam works daily on new ways to help recruiters manage their applicants. One of the features that make this software so enjoyable is that you can drag and drop the panels on your dashboard. In this way you can set up the dashboard exactly the way you want it.

The candidate overview gives you a clear overview of the personal data, the cover letter, the CV and the diplomas. From here you can easily send an e-mail to the candidate - for example, an offer or a rejection. Useful is also the spreadsheet functionality for those used to processing with Excel.

Specifically for your website, Hireserve offers a form that you can customize. This allows you to ask questions that are relevant to certain vacancies. You can also add a 'killer question' to the list to filter quickly in case of great interest. There is also a WordPress plugin from Hireserve. But setting this up properly or having it integrate smoothly does not always prove easy. It also lacks the ability to actively measure and improve. Fortunately, 2manydots can provide a custom link between Hireserve and WordPress, whereby you have access to extensive statistics.

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