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Written by Finn Ruijter, 25 May 2020

Creating WordPress-Salesforce link (API or plugin) is how you do it:

What do you get when you pair the most popular CMS with the most widely used CRM? A powerful combination combining the best of both worlds. Discover how to combine the strengths of Salesforce and WordPress to save time and money.

Why integrate Salesforce with WordPress?

When someone visits your website, it could be the beginning of a long-term relationship. Whether a visitor wants to subscribe to your newsletter, apply for a job or register for your event, ultimately you want that person’s information in one central place: in your CRM.

This can, of course, be done manually. After visitors fill out a form, you enter the received data into Salesforce. But let’s face it: that quickly becomes a monk’s work, and it relegates your talented staff to data entry clerks. Also, typos may cause certain data to enter the system incorrectly.

With a link between Salesforce and WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), you solve that. The data that a visitor enters on your website then shows up directly in Salesforce. It saves you time and therefore money, reduces the chance of errors, and allows your employees to concentrate on their main tasks again. But more importantly, it will improve your customer relationships, interaction and business results.

WordPress and Salesforce as tools for recruitment

Suppose you have an organization with an ongoing need for staff. With your own working at page, easily managed through WordPress, you want to attract suitable candidates for the open positions.

A link to Salesforce not only “pulls” current job postings into the WordPress site, but also exports applicant data and resumes directly into Salesforce.

Not only does this link save you time, but it also provides much more information about candidates. Using tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar, you can see how much time visitors spend on your work at site, which jobs they click on the most, and how many people end up deciding to apply. This is valuable information that you can use to optimize (parts of) the site.

Do it yourself or outsource?

There are as many as 5 different ways to connect Salesforce and WordPress. For example, there is a WordPress plugin from Salesforce, as well as a Salesforce API that enables customization. Which way is best for your situation depends:

  • Your budget
  • The data you want to import or export
  • The complexity of data flow
  • The desire for consistent branding

If your requirements are strict, then custom integration is the best solution. But in whatever way you link WordPress and Salesforce, it requires study and technical knowledge. Professional help, and if possible, customized advice, is then most welcome. It saves you time, prevents costly mistakes and ensures that you always have somewhere to turn with questions.

Creating a wordpress link with salesforce is how you do it

Data protection well regulated

Another reason to outsource this integration is the General Data Protection Regulation. The AVG rules require organizations to handle personal data with care, under penalty of hefty penalties.

So choose a partner who not only knows the AVG rules like the back of his hand, but also knows how to apply them to a Salesforce-WordPress integration. This way you can be sure that your organization is operating within the law.

2manydots: the experienced partner you’re looking for

For a successful link between Salesforce and WordPress, an experienced partner is required. A party that can not only show a portfolio, but immediately knows what you are looking for. 2manydots has 15 years of experience as a WordPress specialist, having completed many recruitment projects in the process.

We have experience pairing Salesforce and WordPress and are happy to identify the best integration for you. To comply with AVG regulations, we ensure encrypted connections and watertight databases.

We actively consider ways in which we can apply employer branding to you. What labor market communications are involved and how Salesforce can help with that are questions we will answer with you. Because together we are strongest.

Download our recruitment checklist

The success of your organization depends on your employees. How do you keep them happy while attracting the best talent? Especially for recruiters like you, we created a checklist that will help you take the first steps toward successful employer branding. Download the checklist here.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the best-known platforms for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It ensures that all your departments know exactly what contact moments have occurred with a customer and what stage of the buying process that customer is in. The fact that Salesforce is so complete and suitable for businesses of almost any size is what makes this software so popular.

Salesforce is essentially an online platform, a Software as a Service (SaaS). You assign roles to employees in different departments, each managing a portion of the CRM system. There is also an app from Salesforce. Which allows you to do (some of) your work from your phone.