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Writing copy is a difficult task for many people. Writing text that is easy to read for both visitors and search engines is even more difficult. Yet texts (content) on your website are necessary to generate traffic and welcome potential customers. How do you write such text that is attractive to both visitors and search engines? And how do you make sure a search engine knows what your text is about? On this page we tell you all about SEO copywriting.

The basics of SEO copywriting

Copywriting is the writing of recruiting and persuasive text, usually with a commercial purpose. SEO copywriting goes a step further than just good commercial copy. The SEO element in SEO copywriting ensures that your web text can also be easily found by search engines. So you write an attractive text and at the same time work on search engine optimization. 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. During SEO, you do thorough preliminary research in advance to find relevant and related keywords for the target audience. Good SEO copywriting is therefore mainly about finding the right keywords and incorporating them into the text. There is no point in just throwing random words into your texts. Despite the many keywords, always make sure your text flows well. After all, the reader is not interested in the number of keywords you have to include in a text. The best SEO-optimized texts are those that do not show that they are SEO-based.

No more keyword stuffing

Times are changing. Even in the world of SEO copywriting. Where keyword stuffing used to be common, it is now being avoided. But what exactly is keyword stuffing? By translating the term, you're probably already on the right track. After all, it is nothing more than making the focus keyword recur countless times for a good SEO score. You may score a little higher in Google's rankings, but your text will not be readable at all. And as mentioned above, that combination does matter.

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Today's copywriting

So copywriting has changed significantly over the years. Modern techniques have ensured that SEO copywriting can be done with increasing accuracy. The days of keyword spamming are over. With the right tools, SEO-friendly copy can be drafted that is easy for visitors to read.

Some of our tools

Our approach

2manydots has years of experience in SEO copywriting. Meanwhile, we have developed our own method that is highly result-oriented. Our proven Resultsmatter® approach has resulted in countless satisfied clients who are all better findable. Here you can read about our approach so that you have a good idea of how we work.

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Keyword research

Before the first letter is put on paper, 2manydots conducts a keyword research. During the keyword research, specific keywords are searched to match the organic search results of the target audience. By conducting the keyword research accurately, you will know exactly which relevant keywords to use to drive more traffic to your website.

Unique content

After the keyword research, you will have a selection of relevant keywords that you will write about. While writing, it is very important that you produce unique content. This is because duplicate content or duplicate content is disastrous for SEO copywriting. Note. The header and footer are also counted as duplicate content. On many websites, these are always the same which increases duplicate content. You can only avoid this by writing enough unique content on the landing pages, relegating the duplicate content of the header and footer to the background.

Your tone-of-voice

Perhaps the most important but at the same time most difficult task of a copywriter, is to convey the tone-of-voice of an organization in the texts. After all, every organization has its own tone-of-voice. Yours too. It has crept in either consciously or unconsciously. The tone-of-voice is so important because it reflects the recognition and identity of an organization. By always using the same tone-of-voice in all communicative utterances, the reader is more likely to feel connected to the brand.

Returning the tone-of-voice is essential for good SEO copy. So first determine what the tone-of-voice will be. For example, do you prefer formal or informal. Only then start working on your SEO copy. That way, you can still address your potential clients in your own style of writing, but at the same time, you will respond to texts that score well.

On page optimizations

On page optimization is an all-encompassing concept of which SEO copywriting is a small part. Whereas SEO copywriting is mainly about the content, on page optimization tackles everything that can affect search engine optimization in a positive way. Think about the images or videos, the loading speed of the page or the use of "clean" HTML code.

Some tips: make sure you always include the focus keyword in the title tag. However, your title tag should never be longer than 55 characters. A good heading structure is also invaluable. Always start with an H1 heading. You only use this once, at the very top. Next, work with "H2 headings. Do you want to create a subheading under an 'H2-heading'? Then use an 'H3-heading'. Always work with a numerical order. An 'H1 heading' can never be followed by an 'H3 heading'.


Prefer to work as an SEO copywriter yourself?

Would you rather put pen to paper and get to work creating attractive content? Even then 2manydots has a handy tool for you! Download our SEO Content Checklist prepared by our content specialists. This comprehensive checklist consists of thirty interesting points. Some of the topics in the checklist; images, text, link structure, heading structure, meta data, URL and keywords. Download our extensive checklist here. Still have questions about SEO copy? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

The work of an internet marketing agency

Writing also has to be somewhat in your fingers. If this form of content creation is not your thing, it can be tricky. In that case it is interesting to join forces with an internet marketing agency. Among others Omroep Brabant Reclame, Opcharge, Teleperformance and SMC Tilburg preceded you. They joined 2manydots and use its SEO copywriting services.

SMC Tilburg

SMC Tilburg can count on expert advice from us every month. We support this truly Tilburg company with their content and the journey towards a higher spot on the search engine rankings. Curious about all the work we do for SMC Tilburg? Then take a look at the case study here.

Omroep Brabant Advertising

For Omroep Brabant Reclame, we write a blog, landing page and various Linked In texts every month. Thanks in part to our SEO copywriting, Omroep Brabant Reclame has made significant progress in the search engine rankings. Curious about all the work we do for Omroep Brabant Reclame? Check out the case study here.


The group of EV drivers is growing in the Netherlands. The competition between suppliers of charging stations is increasing. For our client Opcharge, we write several landing pages every month. With the help of these pages, Opcharge is being found better and better via search engines and can take on the competition.


For Teleperformance, we write recruiting copy every month. From job ads to landing pages about the cities where Teleperformance offices are located. This global company that is the market leader in customer service has expressed confidence in us, and we pay it back every month. Are you curious about the full case about the work we accomplish for Teleperformance? Then check out the case here.

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Our SEO copywriter

We employ an in-house copywriter who is fully responsible for writing all SEO copy. In collaboration with our SEO specialist and the Resultsmatter team, these professionals get to work. They have already helped many clients by providing easy-to-read texts. Would you like to spar about the possibilities on your website? Where are the points of improvement in the content/SEO area? Feel free to contact 2manydots.

Our Resultsmatter team is here for you

You've now gotten a first impression of the importance of SEO copywriting. Do you find it difficult to write easy-to-read content and are you not easily findable through search engines? Would you like help with content writing? Engage 2manydots and receive SEO copywriting texts that are fully optimized for search engines every month. We perform a keyword research first and then get to work on the specific keyword(s). The results will be there!

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