Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 03 September 2020

Creating WordPress-Hostfact link (API or plugin) is how you do it:

Hostfact is a convenient software package for hosting companies. With this, they offer customers the ability to purchase domain names, hosting and SSL certificates. An integration with WordPress means that your business runs almost fully automatically.

Why integrate Hostfact with WordPress?

Hostingfact takes a lot of work off your hands as a host. After linking to your WordPress website, customers can serve themselves. For example, they register domain names, contract for a hosting package or Virtual Private Server (VPS), or buy an SSL certificate. Telephone contact or e-mail correspondence about your products is thereby avoided.

Hostingfact/WordPress pairing in practice

Suppose a potential client finds you thanks to an online ad or, better yet, thanks to word of mouth. This person clicks around on your WordPress website and is enticed by your package price of a domain, hosting and an SSL certificate. Through the order form, which you were able to integrate thanks to the Hostingfact link, the customer places his order. He pays and his data appears in your Hostingfact software. There you will find the invoice and the status of his order: paid.

Once the domain name is registered, the customer will automatically receive an e-mail. With the login information provided, the customer logs into the administration panel, where he can create SQL databases and e-mail addresses, for example. Maximum freedom and control for the client and absolutely no time investment for you.

Do it yourself or outsource?

When creating a Hostfact-WordPress integration, it makes sense to first check for Hostfact’s WordPress plugin. And there is. What this plugin does is integrate an order form. Control over the design of this form (colors, fonts, fields) you don’t have with this, unfortunately. There are also other features of Hostfact that this plugin does not support: processing online payments, managing domain names and SSL certificates, creating a VPS, and so on.

Fortunately, Hostfact provides an API that experienced programmers can do well with. If you don’t have these in your home, please visit 2manydots. We are happy to build a versatile, stable link between your Hostfact account and your WordPress website.

Why choose 2manydots?

Creating a custom link requires a reliable and at the same time knowledgeable partner. An agency that does not outsource this work, but performs it in-house. 2manydots is one such Internet agency. With years of experience developing custom integrations and WordPress websites, we are the logical choice for organizations striving for online success.

In addition, it is important that the chosen party is familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). These guidelines oblige you to handle users’ personal data with care. The Personal Data Authority hands out large fines to organizations that fail to comply with these guidelines. 2manydots is familiar with the AVG and ensures that every link is strictly secured.

About Hostfact

Hostfact is an online software package (SaaS) for hosting companies. This program allows hosts to sell hosting, domain names, VPS and SSL certificates automatically. Customers can use it to check the availability of domain names and compare the features of hosting packages. They also get access to their own customer panel. And because this package is made for the Dutch market, accountants can also use it just fine.