Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 22 September 2020

Reach the right audience in the construction industry with a WordPress website

Little is being done with online marketing in the construction industry. Every company’s right to exist lies in reaching its specific target audience. This applies equally to construction companies. Let your website be as reinforced as the concrete you work with.

Custom website

There are numerous ways to reach the target audience. The bottom line for many construction companies is that online presence and findability attracts new business. Once on your website, the next important step is for it to lead to conversion. A custom website can be the best weapon in this regard. This one responds perfectly to the needs of your ideal client.

Benefits of customization:

  • It speaks to the target audience perfectly;
  • Easy to maintain, which increases your findability;
  • Increases conversion;
  • Is analyzed and optimized for even better results.

Marketing construction industry

Google loves WordPress. The logical architecture and text-based structure gives you a search engine and competitive edge. Moreover, the right SEO plugins help quite a bit. The professionalism, vast experience and expertise of 2manydots ensures that the SEO technique is perfect. In addition, by creating an easily manageable website for you, it is better maintained, which promotes timeliness and benefits your Google ranking.

Check out the website we created for Dycore and Calduran.

Calduran. Reach the right audience in the construction industry with a wordpress website
Dycore. Reach the right audience in the construction industry with a wordpress website

Higher conversion

Getting visitors in is step one. Convincing them to take action is where a customization stands out extra versus a standard website. Content that is truly focused on the visitor sticks around and does its job. Did you know that your visitor knows within seconds whether they want to do business with you? 2manydots, through clever design, ensures that the answer is “yes.

Responsive websites

That there are still websites that are only visible properly on a desktop is beyond us. We believe your target audience should be able to see what you can do for them anytime, anywhere. On laptop or cell phone.