Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 10 April 2020

Websites for construction: through customization convenient and up-to-date

A custom WordPress website is the snazzy solution for construction companies. With a professional website, you just get on with demolition, digging and carpentry and spend as little time at the computer as possible.

30% work with WordPress

WordPress is by a gigantic margin the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. When you know that over 30% of all websites worldwide use WordPress, this should come as no surprise.

Simple to use: WordPress for construction companies

There was a time when you almost had to be a genius to run a Web site. You needed to master the ins and outs of coding, and basic knowledge of programming was a minimum requirement anyway. Engineering that is ill-suited to most contractors and construction workers. Surely you want to be feet in the construction booth.

Fortunately, today everyone can get along smoothly with WordPress websites for construction as we create them. You also grant rights to other colleagues with a snap of your fingers. That way, keeping up your digital signboard becomes a team-effort and you are all steel noses in the same direction.

Examples of easy-to-manage Web sites we developed include Calduran and Dycore.

Work on your visibility in minimal time

A custom WordPress website takes a lot of work off your hands. Thus, it is incredibly simple to update. That does wonders for the golden grail of online presence: search engine findability.

Setting up an image bank, writing blogs, adding to project pages: these are all things that help keep current events up to date. You showcase what your company does and actively work on findability in search engines such as Google. After all, a dynamic and up-to-date website scores much better than one in which nothing is updated for years.

You also innovate

The projects you did years ago are also changing. Show potential new clients the latest construction projects to recruit them as well.

Convenient interface

Publishing and editing content is no art thanks to WordPress’s convenient interface. You already create an image bank by simply dragging images into the media library. Combine the ease of use of WordPress with the professional know-how and designs of 2manydots and you’ll get a custom website that completely suits your needs. In addition, the cooperation does not stop after the new website goes live. That’s when it starts: with our Resultsmatter approach.

Choose a WordPress website specifically for businesses in the construction industry. Schedule a no-obligation call to discuss your options.