Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 04 September 2020

A website that caters to the recreational market

In hospitality, you have to rely on experience. Hospitality visitors remain guests because they are well served, find the atmosphere cozy, are cheered by the staff, are inspired by the decor or unwind. As a hospitality supplier, you must respond to this need indirectly. You want to convince the operator that your products evoke the right feeling in consumers. And that starts as early as online. Therefore, choose a custom website for hospitality suppliers.

WordPress websites for hospitality businesses

Every business must match the needs of its target audience, but in the hospitality industry, people expect just a bit more from a website. Visitors want online reservations, check TripAdivsor to find out the best spot in a foreign city and let people know via social media channels if they are attending events. As hospitality entrepreneurs become increasingly responsive to these issues, they expect at least the same from their suppliers.

On Bonheur Hospitality Group’ s website, hospitality begins online through great design, and with a WordPress multisite, each location of Bonheur can easily and independently engage online. Read the complete success story here.

As a hospitality supplier, make sure your website is a perfect fit for your target audience

Responsive website for hospitality companies

A custom website and compelling imagery increase the success of your business. In hospitality, quiet moments behind a computer are sparse. The hospitality entrepreneur is busy on the floor. A tour of the kitchen, a visit to administration, a day of participating behind the bar, and on some days, at most, checking your phone. It is therefore crucial to develop a responsive website for hospitality suppliers.

Choose a responsive design website

A responsive design website for your hotel or wholesale business always delivers benefits:

  • You create a user-friendly website for visitors and buyers.
  • Content only needs to be uploaded once.
  • The website adapts to the user’s screen.
  • You are more findable in Google’s search engines.
As a hospitality supplier, make sure your website is a perfect fit for your target audience.

Are you working in the hospitality industry? Do you supply entrepreneurs in this industry on a daily basis? We create a compelling website for your visitors. Feel free to contact us for a substantive discussion about the possibilities.