Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 01 October 2020

WordPress for law firms: a perfect match

Google loves WordPress for law firms. The logical architecture and text-based structure gives you a search engine and competitive edge. Moreover, the right SEO plugins will help you quite a bit. The professionalism, vast experience and expertise of 2manydots ensures that the SEO technique is perfect. With an easily manageable website and regular analyses, we give a positive boost to your position in Google.

The importance of a professional website

Law firms are often still light years behind online while the industry itself is making an unexpected dash. More and more lawyers are starting for themselves or starting their own partnerships, and everyone wants clientele. A website that exudes confidence is the foundation for a new clientele. WordPress helps with this par excellence.

A good example is the new website we built for TeeksensKarstens: Read the success story here.

The benefits of WordPress for law firms

  • Google and WordPress are good partners;
  • Through our custom solutions, we develop only elements that you need;
  • The backend is (partly because of this) very easy to manage;
  • If you want to communicate in multiple languages or develop separate websites for lawyers and tax professionals, we offer a multisite solution;
  • WordPress works well with various plugins and analytics tools.

A website begins as a product of assumptions and transforms through data, knowledge and time into an indispensable part of your sales team. – Mike Lelieveld, owner of 2manydots.

Are you extracting clients from the site?

A quick scan of law firms in our area reveals that lawyers and partnerships still have a lot of work to do online. The focus is primarily on the areas of law and not on the client’s need for help. After all, do visitors know at all which area of law their problem falls into? And then who helps them? For good website structure, we recommend the following structure. Based on a kick-off meeting, we then personalize this entirely for your office.

Building a suitable WordPress website

  • Make sure the image and title above the fold perfectly appeal to the target audience. Also on mobile. This means that the first image you see without scrolling answers all your important questions.
  • Make sure the logo and your corporate identity match your office perfectly. Thus, the road to the front door already begins online.
  • Go for a strong profile of no more than two sentences outlining what you stand for.
  • Choose a clear menu. It is often not necessary for the target audience to outline all areas of law. After all, they are not looking for a Wikipedia page, but for a solution to their problem. So, for example, distinguish between business and private benefits to help them get started in a targeted way.
  • Each page must lead to action. It should be very easy for the target audience to contact, download a pdf of information or participate in an online consultation.
  • Work with your own image and not impersonal stock images. Showcase the office and possibly all attorneys, lawyers and tax specialists for a personal touch.

Do you want to get more out of your website and establish an online strategy? Then consider a customized WordPress website. We at 2manydots are happy to help: from development to going live and optimization.