Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 03 August 2020

7 benefits of a WordPress transportation website

Custom WordPress websites have incredible pluses. Its numerous advantages make WordPress one of the most widely used CMS systems worldwide. Especially for the logistics and transportation industry. We highlight the main benefits of a WordPress transport website.

1. Easy to manage

Many of the Dutch transportation companies do not (yet) have a marketing department. All the more reason to choose a website with an easy-to-manage backend. WordPress is known for its user-friendliness. Even experienced marketers therefore eagerly use it.

WordPress’ user-friendly design makes it easy to keep your website up-to-date from now on. In doing so, by working with a WordPress professional, you will improve the performance of your website and make acquiring customers online much easier.

A good example is the new, lead-generating website we built for AVIA. Read the complete success story here.

2. Track and trace module

When choosing WordPress, it is important to go for customization rather than choosing a template. This sets you apart from the competitors, is more secure and fits your business perfectly. Still, in doing so, it doesn’t hurt to use an appropriate plugin from time to time. WordPress is a world leader in business sites, and so there are smart solutions for logistics and transportation as well. Consider a track and trace module.

A good WordPress professional uses plugins with caution and implements only the ones that are necessary. In addition, they perform weekly updates to keep the plugins safe and current.

3. Customers’ own management system

Do you want clients, customers, recipients, suppliers or other parties you work with to be able to see into their delivery? With a custom WordPress website, you also realize a secure environment for customers. Here they can access information within their own environment.

4. Online appointment scheduling

CarXpert is a garage formula and part of GroupAuto. They wanted a module that would allow customers to easily find their nearest garage and schedule a workshop appointment right here. A logistical challenge with 5,000 car dealerships across Europe. The automation of maintenance appointments is a very useful tool for CarXpert that can also provide great convenience to many transportation companies. For example, let visitors quickly find your nearest warehouses or schedule loads themselves based on truck capacity and departure times.

CarXpert offers the professional network of car dealerships where everyone can go for car maintenance and repair. There are more than 5,000 CarXpert car dealerships in over 20 countries within Europe. And that number is growing every year.

5. Display offerings

Several transportation, logistics and hauling companies want to showcase their offerings. With WordPress’s custom solutions, this can be done in an orderly fashion.

6. Showing Occassions in WordPress.

And showing occasions is also an important reason for many companies to choose WordPress. There are a lot of elements involved in displaying the offerings. So you want to show images, an accompanying text, specifications, media, security, economy and more. The easier this can be arranged in the backend, the easier your job becomes. That’s why many companies choose WordPress.

7. Mobile-friendly display

It is important that your website is easily viewable from all mobile devices. A WordPress transport website takes care of this automatically without duplicating things. That way it takes you less time and your customers can quickly log into your site or study the offerings. Wherever they are.

And then you have the standard WordPress benefits. Like simple management. The ability to choose a multisite if you want to manage multiple websites in 1 CMS or communicate in multiple languages. And the fact that WordPress is ranked well by Google.

Do you have special needs and unique requests? A WordPress professional will help you with custom solutions. This way you will always have a website that meets your own.