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Written by Finn Ruijter, 17 June 2020

Success story of Future Diagnostics

Future Diagnostics develops diagnostic (blood) tests on behalf of international biotech companies. The company felt that because of the website’s scientific tone, it was putting off potential clients. We developed a corporate WordPress website for them. Read more about the project here!


Future Diagnostics closes only a few deals a year, but they are multi-million dollar projects. Therefore, it is important to make a good first impression on potential clients. Due to the high bounce rate, Future Diagnostics suspected that the website was too scientific in tone. The company felt it was missing out on valuable contracts as a result.

“We work primarily with and for highly educated people, but even they like it when texts are easy to read,” says Joreen Vogel, Future Diagnostics’ Marketing & Communication Expert. “We also wanted to shift the focus to exactly why you should work with us.”

Future. Success story of future diagnostics


The scientific tone, outdated design and high bounce rate: all demanded a fresh and bright design. Add to that the fact that the WordPress theme was no longer supported; not updating a theme poses security risks.

“The person who had set up our website left Future Diagnostics. Therefore, we were looking for an outside party to manage our site, and preferably a WordPress expert. Through our environment, 2manydots was recommended.”

Futuremock04. Success story of future diagnostics


2manydots went to work and presented a clear and attractive website. This provides a pleasant experience not only for visitors, but also for Future Diagnostics employees. The flexible sections allow Future Diagnostics to add or change content itself, perfectly fitting within the design created by 2manydots.

2manydots asks by

Joreen: “After we told 2manydots what we wanted, they asked a lot more questions and offered a solution that matched our needs even better. We were almost immediately satisfied with their first design. In the design, the ideas of both 2manydots and Future Diagnostics were well merged.”


“Within months of beginning the collaboration, the site went live,” Joreen says with satisfaction. “The change was immediately noticeable. We received applications from large parties, but such a process from application to production can take months or even years. In any case, the omens are favorable.”

  • Lower bounce rate
  • Longer average session duration
  • Strong growth in contact requests
Futuremobile. Success story of future diagnostics

We have received requests from large parties.

Joreen Vogel, Marketing & Communication Expert bij Future Diagnostics

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