Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 16 October 2020

Creating WordPress Autopilot (API or plugin) is how you do it:

A very complete marketing package that lets you automate repetitive tasks: that’s Autopilot. An official plugin does not yet exist for WordPress, but 2manydots can build one for you.

With Autopilot, you collect leads, segment them and surprise them with personalized emails. This Software-as-a-Service (Saas) is highly visual and therefore makes it easy to see where each contact is in the customer journey. By connecting Autopilot to WordPress, you get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Why integrate Autopilot with WordPress?

When it comes to collecting leads, there’s no better place than your own website. If your site runs on WordPress, then it’s natural to ask yourself, “Isn’t there an Autopilot plugin for WordPress?” Unfortunately, it does not exist (yet). Fortunately, Autopilot provides an API that allows programmers to build such an integration with your website.

A custom Autopilot/WordPress connection makes it easier to convert your visitors into leads and track their customer journey. You have more data with which to accurately measure the success of marketing efforts.

Do it yourself or outsource?

OK, so it is indeed possible to link WordPress and Autopilot, as long as you have the programming skills and time to do so. If you don’t have one, then it makes sense to leave this job to professionals. And preferably with programmers who have built such a link before.

For organizations that process users’ personal data, it is important to comply with the strict requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). Therefore, the Autopilot/WordPress integration must be highly secure and stable. Ideally, you will find a party that not only develops this link, but also maintains it. This way, no security risks arise when there is a WordPress update, for example.

Why choose 2manydots?

2manydots designs and builds WordPress websites and web applications. Linking business software with WordPress is something we do regularly for clients. The guidelines of the AVG and the security of personal data always has our attention here.

Thanks to our in-house team of developers, we can develop your Autopilot connection ourselves. The short lines ensure that the integration does exactly what you want and does not have features that you do not actually need. We can also move quickly, which means your pairing can be a reality within a short time.

About Autopilot

The name gives it away: with this software, your online marketing runs on autopilot. No longer do you have to manually check, tag and email leads. Set ambitious goals with Autopilot and work toward them step by step. This package is complete and is used by the most famous organizations in the world.

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