Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 16 October 2020

Creating WordPress-SharpSpring (API or plugin) is how you do it:

A complete marketing package that is user-friendly and Dutch-speaking: that is SharpSpring. To get the most out of your online marketing campaigns, link SharpSpring to WordPress.

SharpSpring is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for sales and marketing automation. With many features and a user-friendly interface, this is a popular tool for marketers of medium to large organizations. You get the most out of this package when you link it with your website.

Why integrate SharpSpring with WordPress?

If your website runs on WordPress, linking to SharpSpring is desirable. This way you track all the steps your leads take, see exactly what pages they visit and what they click on. And that is valuable information when it comes to conversion optimization. Both at the individual level and globally, you can see where your site’s bottlenecks are and what does work.

So if your organization uses SharpSpring, WordPress integration is indispensable. But how do you link the two systems? Normally you look for a WordPress plugin, but does it offer the exact links you are looking for and does it compromise the security and compliance of your website? In fact, you only have control over these things when you have the SharpSpring/WordPress link customized.

Lr 2md sfeer 105 edited. Creating wordpress-sharpspring (api or plugin) is how you do it:

Do it yourself or outsource?

If you have a team of experienced programmers, creating such a link is a matter of time. But if they do not have the time or skills, outsourcing is necessary. The only question is which party has the necessary knowledge and experience, and can translate your requirements into a solid, secure link.

Why choose 2manydots?

2manydots builds custom WordPress websites and links. With us, no standard themes and plugins of questionable security. No, we build everything ourselves. Because only then will we have full control over functionality, compliance and security.

We are not a middleman, but develop a SharpSpring/WordPress integration highly personally. Our full-time developers breathe code and enjoy a healthy challenge with a tight deadline. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

About SharpSpring

With SharpSpring, you automate your organization’s online marketing. This is simultaneously a CRM, giving you insight into the number of leads and their position in your funnel. You manage social media channels with it, and you can even build landing pages with it. All in all, a complete package for both SMBs and enterprise-sized organizations. What is nice about SharpSpring is that it also has a Dutch-language version, unlike many other marketing tools.

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