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There are tremendous gains to be made with a well-designed, new WordPress website. Yet online success does not come naturally with the launch of a new website. Continuous attention to online marketing is an important condition for online success. Through our proven Resultsmatter approach, we help companies achieve their goals on a structural basis!

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Outsource online marketing with Resultsmatter

With our proven Resultsmatter approach, you get your ideal online marketing colleague on board. Together we work on the online marketing strategy and relieve you operationally where necessary with a team of specialists in all desired disciplines.

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Our approach

After a website goes live, the real work begins: measuring, optimizing and updating. We choose the approach that best suits your online goals and wishes. Our collaboration starts with basic support via a strippenkaart. In addition, we offer extra attention and active support with our Resultsmatter approach.


What to expect

Generate more visitors, interactions and conversions

With our Resultsmatter approach, we attract chosen target audiences of organizations and direct them to the website. More traffic means more interactions and conversions.

Achieving goals through data-driven approach

Online success means 'measuring is knowing'. We like to formulate your goals S.M.A.R.T. Online marketing specialists interpret your data and give targeted advice.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of 2manydots' specialties. We have made this online marketing method our own, with the help of our experts. Search engine optimization ensures that you, in an organic way, get higher in the Google rankings by researching which keywords are frequently searched for. For us an indispensable part of online marketing.

Conversion optimization (CRO)

An organization can have as many visitors as it wants, if these visitors do not take action, it does not yield anything. In an ideal scenario, all visitors will undoubtedly proceed to purchase on your website, but that is not realistic. However, the priority of these conversions is high, because these are indirect revenue models. Think of requests for quotes, completed contact forms or placed orders. In this case, we go for the bottom line and encourage as many visitors as possible to take action on your website.

Google Ads (SEA)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often mentioned in the same breath as Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Whereas the former variant of the two online marketing campaigns can be done organically, this is not the case with SEA. You need to invest in a Google Ads campaign, but when you use it in the right way, it generates a lot of clicks and conversions for your website.

Data analysis and reporting

By using marketing methods, you obviously want to see results. 2manydots allows you to observe all the figures of your website. This way you can see per marketing method what works or not. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs in the future or to exploit a marketing method because of its good results. Your real-time, custom built dashboard gives you access to your data anywhere, anytime. In our monthly meetings, we dive into these figures together and give practical advice on how to make the most of these insights. This way, data not only becomes insightful, but also actionable!

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'Marketing-as-a-Service' solution for businesses

For a fixed monthly fee your own marketing team. Our Resultsmatter approach is a so-called Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution. You set the lines and determine the budgets. We execute, focus on results and take you through the entire process.

Do you have doubts about your current marketing agency? That can happen. Get a free second opinion from our specialists.

We guide you to online success

What does a
Resultsmatter course include

To get a good idea of what our self-developed and proven Resultsmatter process entails, we describe the steps in the process. This approach is best suited for companies with big ambitions for online growth, but with a small marketing team. Together we work proactively on clear growth objectives in monthly sprints.

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Online marketing and strategy consulting

In the first phase of the Resultsmatter process, you will meet with 2manydots' SEO specialists and online marketers. They first listen to your wishes and needs in the field of online marketing and deal with them carefully. When everything is clear to our experts, they proceed to advise and devise a solid strategy. This advice highlights the online marketing strategy that will make your website easier to find online.

Research phase

The research phase is kicked off with a 0-meting. During this measurement we look together at where your organization stands in relation to the set objectives. It also provides a good picture of the aspects that can be improved. By using data analysis and quick scans, this 0-masure gives you a clear picture of where you are now with the website.

Technical website optimization

Before our experts get to work on the content on your new website, technical website optimization needs to be performed. This all sounds very complicated, but for our experts, technical seo is child's play. When the new website is technically optimized, the content creation can begin.

Content creation and optimization

During content creation, you really see the optimization of your website with your own eyes. 2manydots employs professional copywriters and SEO specialists who are going to help you with your campaigns. This will bring your content in a creative way and also get it high in the Google rankings, which in turn generates more clicks.

Link Building

Our SEO specialists also specialize in link building. This online marketing method takes care of obtaining links on external websites that point to your website. This online marketing method helps to achieve higher Google rankings so that your website generates more clicks.

Conversion optimization

Our online marketing methods are going to ensure that action is taken by the visitors to your website. A high number of visitors is nice but ultimately it's about the numbers.

Online advertising

Online advertising is also an online marketing method and a guarantee of more exposure for your website. While this is not the way to improve organic search results, it is effective in generating more visitors. However, advertising without an underlying idea is a waste of budget. That's why the experts at 2manydots offer customized advice.

Data collection & tracking

Through our latest software, 2manydots can accurately track 'movements' of a visitor on your website. This way you know exactly what the attractions of your website are and where there is still profit to be gained. We collect this data and combine it into a real-time, custom-built dashboard in Looker studio.


We compile the overview of the collected data into a report. In this report we indicate, using examples and figures, where the points of improvement lie. So you can see with your own eyes where your organization is still lacking to make it a success story.