Would you like to have an SEO scan performed? With an SEO scan you make an analysis of your website and expose strengths and weaknesses related to the findability of your website. And in the current market, where competitors are lurking, that findability is essential. Do an SEO scan and receive relevant visitors to your website.

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What is an SEO scan?

An SEO scan is a website analysis to determine how search engine friendly it is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, also known as search engine optimization. The purpose of an SEO scan is to provide insight into possible areas for improvement of a website so that it performs better in the search results of search engines such as Google.

Evaluated components


On-page SEO

This relates to the content and HTML source code of a page, such as the titles, meta descriptions, use of appropriate keywords, quality of content, and internal link structure.


Off page SEO

This refers to factors outside the Web site that can affect rankings, mainly backlinks. The number and quality of backlinks to a website can have a major impact on search engine rankings.


Technical SEO

This refers to the technical seo aspects of a website that can affect search engine rankings. Examples include website speed, mobile friendliness, URL structure, and the use of XML sitemaps.


User experience (UX).

Although not strictly an SEO factor, user experience plays an increasingly important role in how search engines rate Web sites. A site that is easy to navigate, with a clear structure and a fast load time can rank higher.


Content analysis

Content analysis within an SEO scan focuses on assessing the quality and relevance of a website's content. This involves looking at the originality of the content to ensure that there is no duplication or copying of information. It also examines the strategic placement and density of keywords to optimize relevance to search engines.


Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization within an SEO scan examines how effective and user-friendly a website is on mobile devices. This considers issues such as loading speed, responsive design and the usability of interactive elements for touchscreens. An optimized mobile site provides a better user experience and is often rewarded with higher search engine rankings.


Safety and accessibility

An SEO scan also examines whether a Web site is protected against potential threats and whether it is accessible to all users. Important aspects include the use of HTTPS for secure connections and the presence of an accessible sitemap. It also checks for potential barriers for users with disabilities to ensure that the site is accessible to all.


Doing website SEO scan?

SEO is one of the building blocks of a success formula of your business and extremely important for how your website performs. Don't miss out on potential customers because you don't rank high in Google. We can only encourage you to get started with this and storm the Google rankings! Check how your website is doing today with a complete seo scan!

Discover your weaknesses and where your areas of improvement lie

The battle for online findability has never been fiercer. If you do not appear on the first page of Google, there is no chance that potential visitors will find your website. Did you know that 90% of Google visitors do not look beyond the first page? Good online findability is therefore crucial and an SEO scan contributes to this.

Such an SEO scan reveals your website's weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. An SEO scan dives deep into various facets of your website, from technical aspects to content strategy. This in-depth analysis gives you a clear picture of where you stand as a website and where improvements can be made. This way, you can work on your website in a very targeted way. In short, an SEO check is the first step towards a more powerful and efficient online presence.

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How does optimization work?

You are now familiar with the concept of SEO and the benefits of this organic marketing strategy. But to really understand how SEO works, it is necessary to go deeper into the technical aspects that contribute to an optimized website. What techniques are used? Why is content central? And what distinguishes local findability from national or international findability? These are just some of the questions we will cover.

In brief
01 Search Terms

Before we start working on the content to optimize your findability, our team of specialists does a keyword research. From this extensive research, we extract keywords that are relevant to your industry, target audience and products. We research what your target audience is looking for and write content for that. This way, you can be found in search engines and attract a relevant audience.

02 Technology

Is just creating landing pages with SEO focus enough? Certainly not. For optimal performance in Google, it is crucial to address technical shortcomings. Consider identifying and removing duplicate content, make sure the sitemap is up to date, check for errors in structured data and verify a page and robot.txt file. These technical issues can impede the growth of your website and should therefore be addressed.

03 Content

Content is essential, especially for search engine optimization (SEO). Without quality content, you won't achieve high rankings in Google. It is important that the content you create is relevant to your business sector so that you attract the right audience. While incorporating search terms, internal links and meta descriptions is essential, it can make the text feel forced. Avoid this, as a good user experience for the reader is just as crucial. So make sure you don't sacrifice everything for SEO.

04 Authority

The authority of your Web site reflects how trustworthy Google considers your site. Through link building and obtaining quality backlinks, Google will begin to consider your site an authority. Applying both internal and external links offers nothing but benefits for higher rankings in Google. When Google notices that your site contains reliable and informative links, it contributes to a positive user experience. And a good approach is generously rewarded by Google.

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What can you do after the SEO

After our SEO scan, you'll know exactly where your weaknesses lie. These, of course, you want to address. Using the SEO scan, you can very specifically "fix" and remedy weaknesses. You can do this with the help of our Resultsmatter team. We optimize your pages and make sure you can be found on the major search engines. This way you are assured of relevant visitors who are actually looking for your products or services.

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Ask our specialists a question!

SEO is almost indispensable for any business, but it is complex and comprehensive. Therefore, we understand that you have questions. Do you have questions about our SEO scan? Do you want to know where there is profit to be made on your website? Or would you just like to spar about SEO and Resultsmatter? Get in touch with 2manydots. Our Resultsmatter team, consisting of online marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters and project managers will help you with all your questions.